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Best dog-friendly pubs in East London 2023

Finding a pub in East London that can cater for both you and your dog can be tricky. So we’ve put together a list of the very best.

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Best dog-friendly pubs in North London 2023

Fancy a drink in North London with your pup in tow? Here are the best pubs with gardens for you and your dog.

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What do dogs see?

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How much exercise does a Miniature Schnauzer need?

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How much exercise does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier need?

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How much exercise does a Springer Spaniel need?

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Best dog-friendly pubs in Cambridge 2023

Local to Cambridge but not sure what pubs are best for your dog? We’ve compiled the top places to go for you, and your furry friend.

Dog Language – Why is my dog doing that?

Ever wondered why your dog sings or puts their paw on you? How about that adorable head tilt. We decode everything they’re telling you here.