Get free weight management.

The free PitPat app can help you manage your dog’s weight, even if you don’t have a PitPat activity monitor. Just download the app from your phone’s app store, tell us a little about you and your dog, and start managing your dog’s weight right on your phone.

PitPat App screenshot showing 12.6kg current weight

PitPat app screenshot showing changing weight over time

Keep a history of your dog’s weight.

Every time you weigh your dog, put their weight into the PitPat app, and build up a valuable history of how their weight changes over time. See how it compares to their average weight, and get an automatic alert if your dog’s weight varies by more than 10%.

Set an ideal weight for your dog.

Guided by your vet,  tell PitPat what your dog should weigh and how fast their weight can change. Get an immediate estimate of how long it might take to reach their ideal weight, and then track progress with encouraging feedback from PitPat along the way

PitPat app showing ideal weight at 12.0kg

Image demonstrating body condition score. Outline of a dog with arrow pointing to the line of their chest and stomach

Assess body condition.

If your dog’s weight changes, and before you set an ideal weight, take an easy-to-answer 3-step quiz that instantly tells you if your dog is over (or under) weight, without weighing them.

Maintain your dog’s perfect weight.

Looking after your dog’s weight is one of the key ways you can keep them as healthy and happy as possible. It’s not always easy, but the free PitPat app gives you the tools you need to show your dog how much you care about this important aspect of their life.

Screenshot of the PitPat app showing a congratulatory message as the dog approaches their ideal weight