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What should I do with my dog when I’m away?

Planning a trip, but not sure what to do with your dog? As much as we’d love to have our pets with us on our holidays, the truth is, they much prefer staying at home. 

From dog boarding to pet sitting, finding reliable pet care you can trust when you’re away from home can be tricky. While our summer holidays may look a little different this year, our dog’s happiness remains our number one priority. So, when it comes to holiday pet care, which is the best option for you and your pup? 

What types of holiday pet care are there?

Many pet owners are now searching for alternatives to traditional dog boarding and kennels. These can be unsettling environments — for both the dog and their owner which is why more and more owners are opting for a pet sitting service. 

There are many different types of pet sitting available. Often, these dog sitters will drop-in once or twice a day to feed your pet, or alternatively, your dog may be boarded in the sitter’s own home. 

While these are both much less stressful options than traditional kennels, as highly sociable animals, this kind of pet care isn’t ideal for our pooches. Nothing compares to keeping a dog in their own home  — and that’s where in-home pet sitters come in. 

What is in-home pet sitting?

In-home pet sitters, as the name suggests, keep your pets safe and happy in the one place they feel truly relaxed — their own home. With undivided attention and care that’s personalised for your pup, in-home pet sitters effectively step right into your dog-walking shoes, and keep your dog happy, at home, in their usual routines. 

Such a personalised service may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are even in-home pet sitters, like those on, who pet sit for free simply because they love animals and the unique travel experiences that pet sitting offers. And because they aren’t motivated by money, you can rest assured your pet will be in safe hands with a sitter whose priority is to care for your home and pets.

Why pets (and people) prefer in-home pet sitters

One of the main benefits of using an in-home pet sitter is that it keeps your dog in their own home, surrounded by familiar sights and smells. 

In-home pet sitters tailor their care to your pet. This means while you’re enjoying your holidays, your dog gets to stay in their regular routine — from their 8am morning walk to dinner dished up by five. Plus, if your dog needs daily medication or has any other special requirements, your dog sitter will be more happy to accommodate these. 

With vets around the world agreeing that pets feel safest and happiest when in their own home, it’s no wonder that in-home pet sitters are the preferred option for owners when they travel. After all, your dog deserves the best. 

Don’t forget, if your dog is a PitPat LIFE™️ member, you can get free, unlimited holiday pet care with TrustedHousesitters worth £99. Just head to our Perks page to claim. And if your dog has a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker you’ll be able to see how active they are while you’re away too.

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