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How your dog can earn points

Healthy exercise
Achieve daily goal (minutes of walking, running, playing)20
Reach a 3-day goal streak+25
Reach a 7-day goal streak+50
Reach a 30-day goal streak+200
Reach a 60-day goal streak+400
Reach a 90-day goal streak+750
Reach a 180-day goal streak+1500
Reach a 365-day goal streak+3000

Weight management
Update dog’s weight (once a week)50
Set ideal weight (once a year)500

Bonuses from us
Fetch data every day5
Add dog photo to profile100

Notes   Like all aspects of PitPat Life, earning points is subject to the terms of membership. This webpage is the tariff referred to in the terms.   Points for exercise are earned if your dog achieves the goal recommended by the app. If you choose to reduce the goal, the points your dog will earn will be reduced in proportion. If you choose to increase the goal, the points your dog will earn will not be increased. We don’t reward you for over exercising your dog.   Goal streak points are awarded in addition to points already awarded for each day’s daily goal. For example, a 30-day goal streak would be worth 875 points = 30 days + 3-day streak + 7-day streak + 30-day streak.   Your dog can also have one “cheat day” per month (a day on which the daily goal is not met) without losing their streak.

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