Points – now you can keep score

Keep healthy. Earn points.

If you use PitPat, you’ve already got one of the best ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. Using PitPat is fun, and many people treat it like a game, competing with themselves to see how well they can do.

Now there’s a way to keep score. When you’re a PitPat Life member, nearly everything you do with PitPat will also earn your dog PitPat points:

  • Complete your daily activity goal – earn points.
  • Do it several times in a row – earn bonus points.
  • Weigh your dog – earn points.

You name it; your dog can probably earn points for it. And the healthier the activity, the more points your dog earns. Points earned are governed by our points tariff, and we’ll keep adding more and more ways for your dog to earn points.

Bronze, Silver, Gold!

Over time, as your dog earns more points, they’ll advance along a series of tiers. Starting at bronze, they’ll progress to silver, on to gold, and for the really dedicated, there’s also a platinum tier for our most experienced, healthy and happy dogs. Where will your dog get to?

PitPat's Patch, a cartoon dog, with a banner saying gold dog

Graphic with lots of icons representing prizes for dog owners

Points mean prizes.

Points are a great way to keep track of how well your dog is doing in the world of PitPat. But better than that, you can turn them into prizes. We’ve a whole range of interesting and exciting prizes for you to choose from however many points you’ve got. Visit the prize store to see them.