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Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

As the winter draws in and the days get shorter, dog walks in the dark become a necessary evil for many of us. 

Walking your dog in the dark poses a particular set of risks and challenges. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay safe and enjoy those early morning or late evening walks – just read our top tips to find out how.

Take a torch

It might sound obvious, but when walking in the dark, make sure you’ve got a torch with plenty of charge. A good quality head torch will keep your hands free to juggle leads, treats and poo bags. 

Wear reflective clothing (you and your dog)

The more visible you are, the better. This goes for you and your dog. You can get hold of reflective coats, harnesses and collars at all good pet stores – we love the LumenglowHi Vis Dog Jacket from Ruffwear (did you know PitPat LIFE members get 20% off Ruffwear? Check out the perks page for info on how to redeem.)

Pop a beacon on your dog

Since reflective outfits need light shining on them to be effective, it’s also worth popping a beacon on your dog’s collar or harness. A beacon is a flashing or steady light that means you can see them wherever they’ve headed in the dark. Opt for one that is fully waterproof and has long battery life.

Pop a PitPat GPS on your dog

Off-lead walks can still happen, even in the dark! Obviously, all the normal rules apply – choose somewhere safe and make sure your dog has great recall. But regardless of how good their recall is, it’s wise to make sure you can always find them with a PitPat GPS. That way, if they catch a scent or can’t get back to you, you’ll be able to track them down in no time from the PitPat app.

Pomerian wearing PitPat GPS with sunrise

Walk in well light areas

Stick to paths that are well-lit, especially if you are walking alone with your dog. Equally, avoid any areas known for criminal activity at nighttime.

Walk in groups

There’s safety in numbers – where you can, walk with other people. That way, you’ve also got someone to have a chat with as well!

Walk in areas you know well

The dead of night is not the time to find a new walking route. Stick to routes you know well, so there’s no risk of you getting lost (and if you still manage to, at least you’ve got PitPat GPS to tell you where you are!)

With a little planning, your dog can still hit their all-important exercise goals, even in the winter. Don’t forget that the PitPat Dog GPS Tracker also includes all our award-winning activity monitoring so you can make sure your pup is always getting enough walkies – now that’s something to woof about!

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