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How much exercise does my Beagle need?

Beagles are cheerful, affectionate dogs who love to spend time with their humans.  They were originally bred as scent hounds for hunting so they have lots of energy for play and exercise. 

But how much exercise does a Beagle actually need?

How much exercise should I give my Beagle?

Like most dog breeds the exact amount of exercise a Beagle needs will depend on their weight, age and fitness level.  Whilst Beagles are not large dogs they do love their food and can be prone to becoming overweight if a regular exercise schedule is not maintained.

This is where the PitPat GPS can help.  It will track all your dog’s daily activity and location as well as providing a tailored exercise goal based on your dog’s age and weight.  So whether you’re walking, running or playing with your best pal you can be sure they’re always getting the right amount of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.  For most healthy adult Beagles this will be about 60 minutes per day.

How much exercise do Beagle puppies need?

Beagle puppies, like most puppies, will be full of energy and always up for play, but they will not need as much exercise as an adult dog.  In fact, it’s really important to monitor their activity and prevent anything that is too high impact, as their bones and joints will still be developing. 

Chances are they won’t be going outside for a little while when you first bring them home, as they won’t have had all their vaccinations, so it’s a good idea to focus on play as their main form of exercise.

Beagles have an incredible sense of smell, so it might be fun to create some scent games for them to try, which will have the added benefit of keeping them mentally stimulated too.  Just remember that however much fun you’re both having it’s important to make time for rest as well, so don’t be afraid to add in nap times when needed.

Knowing what’s needed is made even easier with PitPat as you can always see how active they’ve been at any point during the day.  All you need to do is fetch their data and all the information will be displayed in our free PitPat app, so you can make the best decisions for your pup.

What types of activities are good for Beagles?

Beagles are intelligent dogs and as much as they will love their daily walks with you, you might like to try a few of these fun activities with them:

  • Agility
  • Scent work
  • Flyball
  • Swimming
  • Tracking
  • Obedience training

Of course all dogs are different even if they’re the same breed, so make sure to check with your vet before giving one of these a try.

How far can a Beagle run?

Beagles love to run and when they get going they can run very fast, especially if there’s a particularly interesting smell involved.  This desire to discover new scents means that Beagles can have a tendency to suddenly start running off in the middle of a walk.  If you’re still working on your Beagle’s recall, it’s a good idea to use a long line training lead so they can explore without getting lost. And don’t forget to pop a PitPat GPS on their collar for that extra bit of off-lead confidence, just in case that new smell has them zooming off out of sight.

While they may love to run they aren’t the best at long distances, so if you’re looking for a running buddy you’ll want to keep distances to a couple of miles.  It’s also important to keep an eye on them so you can stop if you see any sign of them becoming fatigued.  

Whatever you get up to with your Beagle, take PitPat with you and you’ll get to know the shape, balance and rhythm of your dog’s day. Helping you to make sure your dog is always getting the right amount of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

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