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How much exercise does a Springador need?

Springadors are dogs with one Labrador parent and one Springer Spaniel parent – both high energy, working breeds who need plenty of exercise. It should come as no surprise then, that these popular family dogs love their walkies.

But just how much exercise do these lovable pups need, and how can you keep them in the best shape?

How much exercise do adult Springadors need?

As a crossbreed, the amount of exercise a Springador needs can vary. Factors such as their size and their parents’ energy levels can have a big impact on your Labradoodle’s activity levels.

That said, most healthy adult Springadors benefit from at least 90 minutes of exercise per day (and many love even more!)

With PitPat you can get an exercise recommendation that is completely tailored to your individual dog. And with a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker, you can track their location when they go zooming off after a squirrel and see exactly how much exercise they’re getting at the same time – what’s not to love?

How much exercise does a Springador puppy need?

Aren’t Springador puppies just the cutest creatures ever? They’ve got boundless energy, and it can be tempting to try to wear them out with lots of walkies and playtime. However, it’s important not to overdo their exercise whilst they’re young, as it could cause joint and mobility issues in later life.

That’s where PitPat comes in. You can get an exercise recommendation that grows with your puppy, so they get the pawfect amount of exercise for their age.

If your puppy still has tons of energy, why not try some enrichment games to keep their minds as busy as their bodies? Try hiding treats around the room for them to sniff out or stuff their favourite foods into a Kong for them to get out.

How much exercise does a senior Springador need?

As your Springador gets older, it’s natural for them to slow down. They may not be able to maintain the same routines they once did, and that’s perfectly normal. At this age, it’s worth opting for shorter, frequent walks rather than a single long daily walk.

PitPat can help here too. After a certain age, we’ll start automatically reducing your dog’s exercise goal as they enter their golden years, so there’s never any pressure to overdo it. Plus, with a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, you can keep track of their exercise levels, and quickly spot any drops in their activity that might warrant a discussion with your vet.

Best types of exercise for Springadors

Walkies are great, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up with something a bit different. Springadors are intelligent and agile, meaning there are all sorts of dog sports that they excel at. Why not give one of these a try?

Scentwork. With their sporting parents, Springadors make great scent and gundogs. Why not join a local group and start training them to seek and retrieve in the field?

Agility. Your Springador will love the playful nature of agility, with plenty of jumping, weaving, and running involved! You can get them started at around 18 months once they’re fully grown.

Obedience. Obedience training is not only a great bonding experience for you and your dog, it also helps lay the foundations for great behaviour out and about. It’s perfect for puppies and adults alike!

Ready for that smug feeling of knowing you’re one of the best dog owners in the park? Time to PitPat up! You can keep track of your dog’s exercise, location, rest and play so you know exactly how they’re doing. Sound good? Get yours today.

Photo used with permission from @dougthespringadorable.

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