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How much exercise does a French Bulldog need?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular small dog breeds and are known for their playful, adaptable, and affectionate nature, not to mention their big bat-like ears. Their happy attitude to life means they’re great at socialising with kids and other dogs. If you’re someone with a busy lifestyle whose routine is frequently changing, then look no further! These little guys are pawfect at adapting and don’t need a lot of exercise. 

How much exercise does an adult French Bulldog need?

Around 60 minutes of daily exercise is plenty for these pooches. Because of their flat faces, Frenchies can have breathing problems so it’s best to do short, low-intensity walks. One way you can do this is by having multiple gentle walks daily with plenty of rest in between. Don’t forget that playing with your dog is also exercise, so account for this when adding up how much they’ve done in a day. 

Don’t want to spend your days counting minutes? PitPat will do it for you. Our dog activity monitor can track how much walking, running, playing, and pottering your dog has done within a day so you know they’re getting the right amount. 

How much exercise does a French Bulldog puppy need?

Frenchie puppies really don’t need a lot of formal exercise like walkies. Whilst they may seem like little balls of energy when it comes to walkies, they should be limited to around 5 minutes for each month of their age. So, for example, a four-month-old French Bulldog only needs 20 minutes of total walkies each day. This will help prevent overexercising them, which could cause joint and mobility issues in the long run.

At this age, walkies should be spent exploring the world around them rather than a march around the block. Give them opportunities to do lots of sniffing, experience different types of places, and interact safely with new people and animals.

As your French Bulldog edges closer to adolescence, the amount of exercise they need will increase. But by how much? With PitPat, there’s no need to guess, as we’ll automatically adjust your pup’s exercise goal as they grow. Just download the PitPat app to get started.

How much exercise does a senior French Bulldog need? 

As your dog gets older, the amount they need to walk will decrease. But again, by how much? Well, every dog is different, so let them set the pace. And if they look to be slowing down, it might be time to head home. 

Be warned, some pooches don’t know what’s best for them and just love to go on walkies, so they may just keep going when they really should stop. Keep an eye on them, and if you notice them looking stiff, trailing behind, or struggling in any way, start reducing the length of their walks. 

PitPat will automatically adjust their exercise goal as they get older, so you’ll know when they need to start slowing down and enjoying a long nap on the sofa instead.

How to keep your French Bulldog busy

Like many dogs, French Bulldogs benefit greatly from keeping their minds as busy as their bodies, so it’s worth making sure they get plenty of enrichment throughout the day, especially when they are home alone. If they do get bored, it could end badly for your furniture,  so it’s in your best interests to have plenty of ways to keep them busy. 

There are plenty of opportunities to enrich your Frenchie’s life. Why not try some of these?

  • Snuffle mats
  • Kongs
  • Food puzzles
  • Lickimats
  • Interactive toys

French Bulldogs can make wonderful, loyal companions. To make sure you’re keeping them in tip-top shape, get a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to record exactly how much activity they’re doing. We’ll tell you how much time they are spending walking, running, playing, pottering and resting, as well as how many calories they’ve burnt and their distance covered. We’ll even tell you exactly how much PitPat Food they need. Sounds good? Get them kitted out for just £39.

Want all that and more? Get PitPat Dog GPS Tracker with all the same features as our activity monitor, and never worry about losing your dog if they decide to go on a ‘solo mission’.

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