Why do dogs lick us?


The ultimate sign of affection, a sloppy lick from a dog, but why do they do it?

1. It may just be the salty taste of our skin, humans sweat and dogs like salt, it is sometimes just as simple as that.

2. Your dog may be hungry, pups lick their mothers when they want feeding. In the wild lower ranking pack members also lick their superiors in the hope of an invitation to feed off any prey that has been caught.

3. They want attention, especially if licking their owner has had a positive reaction in the past and resulted in some extra belly rubs or another round of fetch.

4. Dogs may lick humans as another sensory tool, much like smell or sight, they can learn a lot from those kisses.

5. We may be licked as a way of them showing their submission, dogs lick their superior Pack members, so in licking us they are showing their obedience and respect

Well there you go, there are a few schools of thought behind it, but at the end of the day, a sloppy kiss from your dog shows love and affection whichever way you look at it. So next time you get a kiss from your furry friend, it may mean a lot more than you think.

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