How much exercise does my dog need?

As dog owners we know that most pooches live for their daily walkies (and treats of course) but how do we know that they’re getting the right amount of exercise?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that could give your dog a tailored exercise goal based on their age, weight and breed? Well there is and it’s called PitPat!

The PitPat app not only gives your dog a daily exercise goal but it also records your dog’s activity and gives you a daily breakdown of their walking, running, resting and playing.

How does PitPat work?

All you have to do is download the free app (App Store/Google Play), pop the PitPat device (£39.99) onto your dog’s collar (it’s small, really lightweight and waterproof) and then go have some fun with Fido!

To access your doggy’s stats simply press the little orange button on the device and sync via Bluetooth – you only have to have Bluetooth turned on while you sync so it won’t drain your phone battery.

The app will tell you if your pooch has hit their daily goal, how many minutes of exercise they’ve done and how many calories they’ve burnt – pretty impressive right?

PitPat can also give you peace of mind that your partner, kids or dog walker have given your dog the exercise they need.

PitPat app screenshot showing dog activity levels

What more do you need to know?

Dogs love PitPat and so do their owners! Here are just a few people who care for their dogs with PitPat…

Whether Frankie is going on daily walks, playing with friends, going to her obedience classes or swimming, the PitPat is our essential tool, to keep our little girlie, happy and healthy.

Elaine and Frankie the Beagle

I think the PitPat is great and we found a new use for it! It’s a bit sneaky though! My partner has a little wire fox terrier called Woody and her daughter is often given the responsibility to walk Woody but sometimes ‘forgets’ so the PitPat us a fab way of knowing he has been walked and ‘reminding’ her if necessary!

Garry and Woody the Wire Fox Terrier

I just took my dog to the kennels as we are away this weekend camping at a festival Last time he was there I noted when I synced hardly any activity so I queried this today and discovered the kennels hadn’t walked him owing to staff shortages? Without PitPat I would not have known this! I wasn’t very pleased to say the least!

Rae and Bowie the French bulldog

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