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Check and manage your dog’s weight from your phone

Set a goal weight  •  Track progress   •   See calories burnt

Is your dog a healthy weight? Find out today with the PitPat App. Just pop in a few details about them, including their current weight, and take the free body condition score test.

You’ll be able to keep track of your dog’s weight over time and quickly spot any fluctuations. Pair it with a PitPat activity monitor and you’ll also be able to tell if they’re getting enough exercise every day.

Try our free weight check

Step 1: Download the free PitPat app & create an account

Step 2: Input your dog’s details & select the Weight tab

Step 3: Set your weight & take the free body condition score test

Find out how to check your dog’s body condition score

All this and more with the dog activity monitor everyone’s talking about

See how PitPat has helped dogs get healthy

9 kg Weight Loss Success!
“Harvey was previously an overweight dog tipping the scales at 37kg, being aware of his exercise levels is just as important as keeping an eye on what’s in his bowl. He’s now down to a healthy 28kg”
Beth & Harvey the Labrador

On the Way to a Healthy Weight!
My dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is about 8kg overweight so when I saw a vet on TV recommending a dog version of an exercise tracker I was very interested. My dog has already lost 2kg and doesn’t even know he’s being monitored. I would definitely recommend the PitPat to other dog owners.
Heather & Humphrey

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