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No more guesswork. Just perfect portions.

Say goodbye to vague feeding recommendations on the back of food bags. Say hello to feeding recommendations that are exactly tailored to your dog.

When you use the PitPat App with PitPat Food, there’s no more guessing whether they’re getting the right amount to eat. We got you.

Get tailored feeding recommendations

Every dog is different, and so is the amount of food they need. That’s why our feeding recommendations are uniquely tailored to your dog.

We look at their breed, age, weight, sex and whether they’re neutered. And if they’ve got a PitPat activity monitor, we’ll take their activity levels into account as well.

Then we’ll tell you which PitPat recipe suits your pup best, and exactly how much you should feed them.

Adjust for their activity levels

Not every day is the same. Sometimes there are squirrels to be chased and sometimes the sofa is calling your dog’s name, leaving you in a ‘how much do I feed them?’ dilemma.

That’s where their PitPat activity monitor comes in. We measure your dog’s activity levels over the last seven days and adjust their feeding recommendation accordingly so you know they’re getting exactly the right amount of food.

Haven’t got a PitPat yet? No problem. We’ll estimate their activity levels based on what you’ve told us about your dog.

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