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Why you should choose PitPat

If you’re looking for an activity monitor for your dog, you’ll want to make sure you buy the right one.
Before you choose, ask yourself these simple questions:

Is it designed specifically for dogs? PitPat is.

We’re made for dogs. Our device was designed and engineered from the ground up by us in the UK, specifically to live and work on the collars of the world’s pet dogs. Some other devices are based on technology designed to work on humans (who only have two legs!), or may not have been sufficiently tested or developed to work properly, completely and only on dogs.

Can it recognise individual activities? PitPat can.

It’s important to know not just how much exercise your dog is getting, but also what kind of exercise. Owner-initiated walking, running and playing are what will make the most difference to your dog, and PitPat detects and counts those specific things.

Is it robust enough to live on my dog? PitPat is.

Your dog may be soft and fluffy, but life on their collar is hard! Dogs love to run, swim, scratch, roll and chew. We’ve designed PitPat to be incredibly robust so that it can take (nearly) everything a dog can throw at it. And if the worst should happen (nothing is completely dog-proof!), PitPat can resist a quick chew.

Is it fully and completely waterproof? PitPat is.

We know dogs love to swim, and you don’t want to have to keep taking off your dog’s activity monitor all the time. With PitPat, your dog can swim, dive, or jump (even into the sea) whilst wearing their PitPat, and it won’t suffer any harm.

Does it have a long, long battery life? PitPat does.

Some activity monitors have rechargeable batteries that need attending to every few days or weeks. Our battery lasts over a year without replacing or recharging! When it does finally run out, the single-use CR2032 battery is easy-to-buy and easy-to-replace.

Will it stay on my dog’s collar? PitPat will.

You don’t want to lose your dog activity monitor. We’ve tested all the ways of attaching a device to a dog’s collar, and our VELCRO® Brand strap attachment method is by far the most secure there is. Provided it’s properly attached, very few dogs wearing a PitPat ever lose it (more lose their whole collars!)

Will my dog be happy with it? With PitPat they will.

Our device is small, light and has the most comfortable way of fastening for all dogs from the very smallest to the very biggest. Most dogs don’t even notice it’s there, and we like to think many of them are secretly proud to be wearing such a clever little device!

Still not convinced? Ask us a question.