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You and your dog

Ever wondered why dogs bark? Want to know how to stop your puppy from nipping?

We’ve got the answers to all your pawrenting questions below…

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family with a dog

Best dog breeds for families

Dogs are wonderful teachers, and having one in your home can help your children to learn about responsibility and compassion. …

22 June, 2020

Border Collie outside

Sheepdog Trials: What you need to know

Using dogs to herd sheep is an ancient practice – dogs have been used to guard and herd livestock for…

22 June, 2020

10 best dog breeds for cat owners

Cats are wonderful companions with unique personalities just like dogs, and if you’re an animal lover the chances are you…

22 June, 2020

Boy running with two dogs

Camping with your dog

Thinking about spending the night under the stars with your best buddy? Camping with your dog is not only fun…

22 June, 2020

Woman walking a dog

How to choose a dog walker

Many of us lead busy lives, so having someone who can come and walk your dog for you during the…

22 June, 2020

springer spaniel jumping at agility

Dog agility: getting started

Agility is a fantastic way to exercise and train your dog, and it’s great fun as well. Healthy dogs of…

22 June, 2020

cockapoo walking in the woods

Best breeds for people with allergies

We are a nation of pet lovers, but for some of us being around pets can cause a range of…

22 June, 2020

Springer Spaniel in dog bed

How to choose a doggy daycare

Doggy daycare is a wonderful way to make sure your dog is getting the exercise and companionship they need when…

18 June, 2020

Dog on a hike

Hiking with your dog: what you need to know

Everyone knows that dogs make pawfect hiking companions, but it’s fair to say that there is a bit more preparation…

17 June, 2020

Springer Spaniel having a swim

Taking your dog swimming: what you need to know

Isn’t it strange that your dog is quite happy to dunk their head into the muddiest puddle they can find,…

17 June, 2020