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PitPat – As seen on TV

Ever get the feeling that you are seeing PitPats on every dog, even the ones on TV? Well it could be that you are!

If, like many thousands of British viewers, you fell in love with BBC TWO’s hugely successful series Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Contest, then you will probably have noticed that every single pooch was rocking a PitPat dog activity monitor!

Benny and Ellie: Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Contest

Mitch, Betty, Bodger, Douglas and the rest of the gang all had that unmistakable little device with the orange dot on their collar throughout the contest. Those PitPats definitely saw a lot of action on the show with the dogs (and their owners) traversing through lakes and over mountains to compete for the crown of ‘strongest bond’.

Our TV appearances don’t end there! You might also have spotted PitPat on BBC ONE’s Countryfile Spring Diaries this month. The programme saw presenter Jules Hudson using PitPat to help his dog Teddy get in pawfect shape and achieve his healthy goal weight following a check-up at the vets.

Dr Emily Blackwell & BBC One presenter Jules Hudson with Teddy: Countryfile Spring Diaries

PitPat is a pawsome way to help keep your dog happy and healthy! Our activity monitor has been developed using proper dog science from proper dog scientists because we take dog health seriously.

What we do really matters – it’s about your dog’s health and wellbeing. But who says it can’t be fun too? In fact, who says we can’t lead with the fun? Isn’t that why you got your dog? And we do a great line in dog puns too. “Lead with the fun” – geddit? No? OK.

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