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It’s an Interzoo out there!

We’ve been a bit quiet on our blog recently, but that’s only because it’s been beyond busy at PitPat HQ!

You might have seen a few hints on our recent activity on Twitter and Facebook. We carefully packed up our little pooches, along with some exciting new packaging and we set off to Nuremberg in Germany. We were there to launch PitPat in Europe at Interzoo,  Europe’s largest Pet Trade show.

We were so excited that packed trains and some pretty crazy thunder storms couldn’t even dampen our enthusiasm. We were finally launching on the continent and getting to please the lovely potential Pack members who have been emailing us for months trying to get hold of a PitPat for their own pawsome pal. You might know that we already speak dog ? Well, now we also speak Dutch, French, German and we have at least 4 more languages imminent! Our new Pack member Sabrina, fluent in several languages,  attended with us and we had a blast connecting with the new Continental European PitPat Pack.

In fact we all found it very easy to explain  PitPat to interested parties, even if we couldn’t speak the same language. Technology has become so integral to our lives and PitPat is so simple to use that even with hand gestures and a few words there was a warm response.  There is such a worldwide receptivity to the many benefits of  pet-tech now and it feels so pawsome to be bringing such a great innovation to pets and their owners!

One major advantage of Interzoo in comparison to other recent shows we’ve attended was it was dog friendly!  It was rather difficult not to get distracted by all the lovely pooches passing by. We made plenty of new furry friends along with their German, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, French Russian and Dutch Humans. Many of them joined the Pack on the spot!

Another advantage of the size was being able to connect directly with so many retailers and distributors. We had so many interesting conversations about the applications of PitPat we were seriously inspired. More on the fruits of those conversations in future blogs!

We especially loved the PetTime;  a connected feeder, which had a webcam amongst other clever features. It’s become one of our new favourite gadgets and it was amazing to see another UK pet-tech company taking the show by storm!

While we made new friends we also caught up with some old friends too. Our chins and tails wagged for a while when we saw the Scampers crew and the wonderful  Lintbells in the British pavilion. Woofy got some supplements for his itchy skin and he agreed it was good to have a scientifically proven supplement provider from the UK. We also got on swimmingly with the purveyors of a pawsome beer for dogs called ‘Bottom Sniffer!’ Woofy, was so impressed when I told him about it, he escaped from his pen and went for a brew and was gone ALL day in spite of our many Twitter pleas for his safe return! They also do tonics and tea and biscuits range and everything is both beneficial and quintessentially British. We’ve just gifted a lovely set of tea and biscuits to a poochy Pack pal of ours who is hitting double digits today. We hope you like them Hazel.

One of our other pups was loaned to Karlie Flamingo, our new European distributor and he looked rather cute over on their rather enormous stand.  Andrew, our founding Hound was especially pleased that our company colours coordinated so brilliantly. The future working relationship looks very bright and orange. With great sales at the show it was definitely a success and we cannot wait to come back in 2018!