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Case Study: Building fitness after being rescued

Found on the streets of a university campus in Seoul, South Korea, Juno had no tag or microchip. Yongin Rescue Center took her in at less than 18kgs, hungry and wondering what her story was. She was gentle, calm and very obedient. Was she lost? Abandoned? Till this day it’s unknown. Huskies in Korea have a very poor reputation for being aggressive and a threat to other dogs. People will avoid them on the streets and yell at you to put a muzzle on them. The staff at the shelter knew this wasn’t true, especially with Juno. 

Rescuing Juno

On October 27, 2017 when Juno was about 4-5 years old, we saw a Facebook post about her and how she was in the pound for over 8 months and her time was up and her date to be euthanised was set. They typically don’t keep dogs over a couple months but Juno was so sweet and well mannered, that the staff kept her hoping someone would come looking for her or hoping she would get adopted. However, time was running out and the shelter was overflowing with dogs. She had only a couple days before things were out of their hands and an urgent appeal was made. 

Siberian Husky wearing a PitPat

We rushed to the shelter and adopted her straight away. Love at first sight but we always wanted to give her more. Living quarters in Korea are very small, limited parks that don’t even allow dogs and doggy daycares that won’t take huskies. It wasn’t until we moved to the UK last August where she made friends, got to run around parks off lead, participate in Dog-Furiendly events and so much more that brought us all joy. We are lucky to have her in our lives!

Starting rehab in London

While living in London, Juno’s dad got her a Pitpat for Christmas. He had read about it on the internet and knew her and mom would love it. Mom was already using a walking app for herself called SweatCoin but was super excited for Juno to be tracking her steps and progress too. When we lived in Korea, we did a lot of physical therapy but knew it was going to be a long process. Juno had issues bending her back 2 legs. The doctors think it’s from lack of exercise and sitting on the hard cage floor for 8 months at the shelter. So, when we moved to London, her coach told us she needed to slowly build those leg muscles by walking and other therapy exercises. We were super concerned when moving to London because we didn’t know what to do and where to begin in a new city. 

Using PitPat to track progress in rehab and agility

Siberian Husky doing agility

Juno and mom started doing a lot of research and found great outdoor parks and agility areas around the city. PitPat was the perfect tool to help us track our progress and keep us accountable with our goals. We love that you can set daily activity goals. If we are a few steps short, we will always take extra time to meet our goal. It’s also exciting that we can get points for reaching our goals and syncing daily. 

We are currently back home in Seoul, Korea due to Covid-19 and even though the time difference is off on our sync because it’s set to London time, we still take the time to fetch and sync. We are also attending Korea’s first agility school and tracking our activity has helped with agility progress. Our school is super interested and love seeing our daily fetches. We report our weekly activity to our coach and PitPat makes that possible!

Working on becoming a Platinum pup!

Siberian Husky wearing a PitPat

One thing we are sad about is not signing up to PitPat Life when we first purchased the device as we had. Regardless, we are super excited to become a Platinum Dog one day. We are superfans and hope Pitpat expands to Korea and all over the world! We rave about it to all our friends! You can see our progress on our instagram @unimpressedhusky.

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