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PitPat and identibase join forces to raise awareness of dog theft.

PitPat, the UK’s favourite pet wearables company, and identibase, one of the UK’s largest and longest-running pet microchipping databases, are joining forces to raise awareness of dog theft on Dog Theft Awareness Day. In addition to their efforts, the two brands are also releasing an infographic with their top ten tips to keep your dog safe.

Dog theft is on the rise in the UK, with an estimated 2,000 dogs being stolen every year. To combat this issue, PitPat and identibase are coming together to educate pet owners on the importance of pet security and how they can take steps to protect their furry friends.

PitPat’s GPS tracker for dogs is a great way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and ensure they don’t run off or get lost. The device is small and lightweight, so it won’t interfere with your dog’s movements, and the accompanying app provides real-time location updates so you can always know where your dog is.

identibase’s pet microchipping database is an essential tool for pet owners. Microchipping is a legal requirement in the UK, and it’s the best way to ensure that your pet can be identified if they ever get lost or stolen. identibase’s database is one of the largest in the country, with more than 7 million pets registered, so you can be sure that your pet’s details are safe and secure.

With their identifind membership, identibase customers can get a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker, access to the UK’s most responsive Lost & Stolen Pet service and premium microchip account support.

To complement their efforts, PitPat and identibase are releasing an infographic with their top ten tips to keep your dog safe. The infographic includes advice on how to ensure you can find your dog if they go missing, what to do when you’re out and about with your dog, and how to protect your dog from thieves.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with identibase to raise awareness of the issue of dog theft,” said PitPat CEO Andrew Nowell. “We know how much dog owners worry about losing their pup, it’s a very real fear for a lot of dog owners. Keeping your dog’s microchip details up to date and investing in a GPS tracker gives your dog the best chance of being found and identified quickly.”

identi CEO Robert Diamond added ‘We are dedicated to delivering the most complete pet protection available in the UK – partnering with PitPat ensures we are able to provide this reassurance anytime, any place.’

Dog Theft Awareness Day takes place on March 14th, and PitPat and identibase will be sharing tips and advice on social media to help pet owners keep their dogs safe. To learn more about how you can protect your furry friend and to view the infographic, visit To check your dog’s microchip details are up to date, visit

Dog Theft Awareness Day

About PitPat

PitPat is the UK’s leading Pet Care Platform™. At PitPat, we’re changing the way humans do pet care – because guesswork and the current one-size-fits-all approach, lead to unhealthy pets and, in many cases, expensive vet treatments and excessively high insurance premiums. 

Our simple yet game-changing tools have been created to ensure pet parents can give their dogs exactly what they need. From the right amount of daily exercise, to perfectly portioned food based on activity levels, to GPS location technology with no subscription. 

And that’s just the beginning.

Just like human wearables, one day soon the idea of having a little device on your dog’s collar that keeps them safe and healthy will be the status quo – but our vision even goes beyond that. The population-level insights we’re gathering from the hundreds of thousands of dogs that have already joined us are going to completely revolutionise pet care.

Ultimately, our furry best buds will be healthier, happier and safer and pet parents will never need to question if they’re doing the right thing for their dog. 

Taking the guesswork out of pet parenting. We got you.

For more information visit or email [email protected]

About identi

identicare ‘identi’ is an affiliate of Animalcare and part of the Animalcare Group.  identi is one of the UK’s longest established pet microchipping services, which helps to reunite owners with their lost pets. It is at the forefront of microchipping innovation and is one of the UK’s largest pet protection services which include its identibase pet database and identichip microchip.

All identichip microchips are registered on the identibase pet database, the UK’s original and most advanced pet database which holds the details of over five million animals.

Providing essential protection every day, identibase services consist of:

identibase+ – premium microchip account support including unlimited changes and dawn to dusk support line

identialert – the UK’s most responsive lost and stolen pet services featuring

Unique SMS alert sent to millions of other identialert members in the area from the minute a pet is reported lost or stolen

An alert sent to local vets, wardens, rescue centres and police in the area

24/7 support and advice from an expert on the identi Missing Pet Helpline

One multi-pet membership covers all the chipped pets in the household

identifind – all the benefits of identialert alongside a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker and Activity monitor with market-leading battery life and award-winning activity monitoring to enable owners to see where their pets are in just two taps.

For further information please visit