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PitPat for pharmaceutical companies

For most dog owners, little matters more than the health of their pet. Whether it’s regular preventative care including vaccines and parasiticides, or treatment for a chronic or acute condition, dog owners rely on high quality medicines and other pharmaceuticals.

Doing the right thing.

But as is also the case in human healthcare, offering effective medication is only part of the challenge. To actually work, it has to be used! Human patients often forget or fail to properly take medication that’s been prescribed for them, and those who care for animals — no matter how loving — often do the same. We believe that PitPat and PitPat Life have an important role to play in this regard  by helping to encourage patient compliance. By directing dog owners’ attention towards the health aspects that PitPat measures and records, dog owners are continually reminded about all aspects of their pet’s care, and encouraged to maintain a course of treatment that might otherwise lapse.

Proving the effect.

More specifically, a dog’s propensity to exercise can be a strong indication of its general health, and is of course a particular indication in respect of conditions affecting joints and other things that might cause pain on movement. PitPat can provide objective measures — both to the dog owner and to their vet — of the effectiveness of medicines that have been bought or prescribed. “Before and after” indications help to demonstrate to dog owners that a treatment is working, and long-term monitoring is a great adjunct to long-term treatment. PitPat’s low cost and ease-of-use mean that it’s also been used in trials to test and/or demonstrate the effectiveness of a product with ordinary dog owners, making it a valuable tool during product development and for marketing purposes.

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