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K9 Nation

About K9 Nation

K9 Nation is a social networking platform whose goal is to build a supportive community for new and existing dog owners. Users can post and discover local routes and find information on dog events, various dog-friendly products and services to enable every member to make the best choice for their pup.

The pawfect partnership

PitPat and K9 Nation have come together to make every dog’s world a better and happier place.

We’re incredibly excited to support the K9 Clean Up, an initiative to clean up our local dog walking spots and give back to charity.

The K9 Clean Up

The K9 Clean Up’s goal is to help clear all the rubbish from our favourite outdoor areas across the country and to support change in behaviours towards the public and dog owners towards littering. Littering is a major global issue and also poses significant health risks such as injury and illness on all our dogs.

So from August 27th – 30th, grab your dog lead, a bin bag, and all your dog walking friends and lend a helping paw to cleaning up our environment. #K9Cleanup