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How much exercise does a Sprocker Spaniel need?

The Sprocker Spaniel is one of the most loyal, intelligent, and popular cross-breed dogs. Although their excitement can get the better of them, Sprocker Spaniels are easy to train and very friendly towards children and other dogs, and when it comes to exercise, they need a lot of it and regularly. 

How much exercise does a Sprocker Spaniel need?

These active dogs need at least 70 minutes of daily exercise.

Exercise alone isn’t enough to tire them out, though. Their high intelligence means you’ll also want to spend time on enrichment and play to keep them truly satisfied.

Every dog is different, so why not download our free app and get a tailored exercise goal? All you need to do is add a couple of details like your dog’s breed, age and weight, and we’ll do the rest. Simple.

Spaniel with Activity Monitor and PP Life badge

How much exercise does a Sprocker Spaniel puppy need?

You may think your puppy needs lots of exercise to match those high energy levels, but actually, 5 minutes of walkies a day for each month of their life is plenty for them. It’s important not to overexercise them as it could cause problems later on in life.

At PitPat, we’ve taken this into consideration. Our app will adapt their tailored exercise goal to what your pup needs as they grow. Go one paw further and get yourself an activity monitor to track how much exercise your dog is getting each day to get the balance right.

How much exercise does a senior Sprocker Spaniel need? 

As we get older, the amount of exercise we do reduces, and our dogs are no exception. As they show signs they are slowing down, start reducing the amount of exercise they do. Short and frequent works best for Sprocker Spaniels.

Another way you can reduce exercise time is by reducing the amount of vigorous playtime they have. It’s often forgotten that playtime does count as exercise, so make sure you account for this. Some dogs may want to play more than walk, and others not so much. So tailor how you split up their exercise to their needs and wants. 

Best types of exercise for Sprocker Spaniels? 

Agility – The agile, energetic pups love an agility course. Get started with some equipment in your garden, or contact your local agility club if you ready to get serious.

Scentwork – Spaniels have a powerful nose, one favoured to sniff out bombs, drugs, cash and more. Put your Sprocker’s nose to work with some nose games. Hide some treats, scented bags or a favourite toy and set them to go find it.

Tug of war – This is a great game to play when your dog is feeling particularly playful. But before playing tug of war, make sure you get a dog-specific rope to play with, as this is much kinder on their teeth. 

It’s easy to make sure your dog is getting the perfect amount of exercise with a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker – just pop it on their collar, and you’ll be able to check their activity, rest, weight and feeding from the PitPat app. Plus, you’ll be able to find them if they ever go missing.

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