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The coming of age of pet-tech

Human fitness is a huge business. More people are exercising to get fitter, lose weight and feel better and they understand that products such as FitBit, Jawbone and smart watches can help them live a healthier lifestyle and hit their exercise goals. However, it has taken time for consumers to see how these products can be helpful and embrace them.

The concept of pet-tech isn’t new, over the last few years several pet-tech products have been launched at CES. However, the market was still too immature since human health and fitness products were still in their infancy. Combined with this, the public saw them as too expensive, too large and there were compromises in the design, such as a short battery life.

At CES 2016, this all changed. For the first time, there were pet-tech products where the needs of the consumer were met, and they were welcomed with open arms. Owners love their pets and want them to be fitter, happier and healthier than they are.

The concept of pet-tech may not always have been taken seriously. However, compared to many of the other “IOT” applications on display at CES, we think it has serious merit. At the end of the day there is limited use for a connected kettle and toaster.

Let us give you a few examples of this technology at its best:

•    Imagine if your cat flap knew to let only your cat in? No more unwanted visitors with @Sureflap

•    Imagine if you could play with your cat while you are at work? No more boring meetings with @Petcube

•    Imagine if your dog could play itself smart, with no one else around. No more idle paws with @CleverPet

•    Imagine if all your pet’s health information was in one place and could easily be shared with walkers, groomers and vets. You are in safe hands with @PetVault

The best thing is, when you connect these applications we can do incredible things and learn more about the health and wellness of pets than ever before. At PitPat we are working on some great integrations to make the future happen now. Here’s a few ways people will be using PitPat soon:

•    Don’t know how much you should feed your dog? Let PitPat and a connected feeder help to balance calories in and calories out.

•    Paying for other people’s unhealthy pooches? Opt to share your data with your insurance provider to turn walkies into savings.

•    Want to get early warnings when something changes or doesn’t look quite right? Compare how your dog is doing to others of same age and breed, and help the world learn more about dogs.

We strongly believe technology has its place to improve and augment traditional pet care, not replace it. What’s next is exciting and we are proud to be at the forefront; the future for pet-tech is now.