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Case study: Living with a Lab

Hi there PitPat, I’m Jemma. I work as a Personal Trainer and I’m also a K9 Nation ambassador. I love dogs because they’re simply the best companion. Everything is good when you’re surrounded by dogs as they create a sense of love and contentment within you. 

Arrow is the happiest puppy, she brings her own brightness to every moment of her day. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, she is content with any activity. We all need to be more like Arrow and our dogs; nap, hug, care, wriggle, stretch, move, eat well, get outside and of course get excited Tell us about Arrow

Arrow is a 10-month-old Labrador. She wakes me, and only me, up at 5 am every morning for a hug. We have a no dogs on the bed rule but Arrow has found a way around that. She stretches out on the bed but keeps her back toes on the ground so technically she isn’t completely on the bed. How do you argue with that?   

She also has an interesting way of going out the door, there’s no sedate stroll for Arrow; instead, she has to take a run-up and jump! Once we’re outside she loves meeting other dogs on walks and starting a chase, and also finding some water for paddling, swimming, or just getting dirty. 

When we get back from our walks and it’s time to put our feet up we need to be extra careful because Arrow steals all the comfy spots! If you get up from the sofa or a chair you can guarantee Arrow will be on it when you return, rolling her eyes and yawning when you tell her off.  She’s a real character.

My thoughts on PitPat

When I first got my PitPat, I thought, “Do we need it?” But I love it. It’s small, cute, and really easy to attach, which is useful as we chop and change between a collar and a harness every day and it’s easy to move over. It’s great how you can see the summary of your dog’s activity, particularly how much pottering around she does. 

You can also see clearly if you’ve hit your target. Arrow doesn’t really walk sedately anywhere so we do exceed ours daily but it will be good to see if she does less over winter. This is when the doors to the garden are closed more and there are fewer people and things outside for Arrow to go and investigate. The distance traveled every day is quite fascinating too. We went to a garden party with Arrow and she racked up 10miles over 5hours! To be honest she couldn’t stay still and wanted to have attention from everyone! 

Would you tell your friends to get one? 

Yes, of course. It’s a great indication of your dog’s movements, especially if you’re out. As I can see if the dog has been moving around or just sleeping while we’re out. It’s really good for any dog but particularly in-active individuals or people who struggle with dogs that are overweight. Seeing a pattern may help them to better understand their dog’s activity. 

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