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4 Reasons Dogs Are Good For Us Humans

We all know our faithful furiends bring us joy because they are loyal, loving and super cute but they are actually offering us good health as well as happiness.

Dogs help us beat loneliness

Dogs provide wonderful companionship for us which can help prevent illness and even add years to our lives. Caring for our dogs makes us feel needed and wanted and can take the focus away from our own problems. Nothing beats arriving home to a wagging tail!

Dogs can help keep us fit

There is no denying that dogs give us a reason to get outside. Come rain or shine we’re so devoted to keeping our pups fit and healthy that (despite the weather) we make sure they get the exercise they need – which in turn helps us to get the exercise we need!

Dogs make us laugh

Whether it’s chasing their tails for no reason or playing with their favourite toy that makes you chuckle, no one can deny that man’s best friend can be hilarious! Just like humans all dogs have their own little quirks that help brighten up even the dullest of days.

Dogs can provide stress relief

Many of us are aware of the health benefits dogs can provide due to the wonderful charities out there, but did you know that dogs also provide sensory stress relief? Simply stroking a dog can help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and help you feel calmer. Amazing!

There are so many ways in which dogs help improve our quality of life and so it’s important to make sure we’re doing the same for them. A PitPat dog activity monitor can help owners to better understand the needs of their specific breed, age and weight helping them to live fun, happy and healthy lives together.