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3 pawesome pancake recipes to enjoy with your pal

Shrove Tuesday is upon us, which means a significant portion of the nation will be chowing down on some delicious pancakes. Why should your furry friends miss out?

Well now they don’t have to as there are several pawsome dog-friendly recipes out there that mean your pooch can share the fun. Here are our top 3:

A doggy variation of the classic

If you don’t fancy making two batches of batter (one for you and one for your dog) then try this recipe that can be easily adapted to suit both of you. Click here for the recipe.

Perfect peanut butter pancakes

These beauties are a real treat for your pup as they have an indulgent peanut butter drizzle on top! They are also low in lactose and gluten free! Click here for the recipe.

Meaty pancakes

Adding mince, or cooked liver to pancakes doesn’t sound very appetising to us but your dog will go crazy for these meaty morsels! Click here for the recipe.

Before you emBARK on any of these recipes remember to read the ingredients carefully to make sure they don’t contain anything your pup may have an intolerance to. If in doubt, check with your vet.

Remember to use your PitPat to monitor the calories your dog has burnt to ensure they get the right intake.

We hope you and your pal have a pawsitively perfect Pancake Day, and remember, if your pup doesn’t like pancakes, you can always make Woofles!

And if you want to see them get as excited for dinner as they do on pancake day, why not try PitPat Food? It’s gentle on tummies and promotes healthy joints, skin and coat with a recipe that will delight even the fussiest of eaters.