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Case study: Keeping four dogs fit & healthy

Hi, I’m Emily Thomas, one of the K9 Nation’s ambassadors. I am the director of a retail business called K9 Trail Time, selling the correct dog harnesses and equipment to run and bike with your dog. I help train people to do this too because I’m passionate about people being active with their dogs safely and enjoying it! 

I also run a canine hydrotherapy centre called Canactive which helps keep dogs fit and rehabilitates dogs following surgery or injury, and we use an underwater treadmill to do this. We see a huge range of dog breeds in the centre and love working with them to keep them as active and happy as possible.

I love dogs because they have such a ‘can do’ attitude to life, and my dogs keep me entertained, motivated, and fit myself because I value their exercise needs and know a dog needs activity to keep them happy.

Tell us about your furry friends

Judo is a 13-year-old Collie. He loves licking the dishwasher and the empty dog bowls left on the floor! He’s a really active dog in spite of a heart condition and arthritis, and he doesn’t like being left behind so does his best to keep up with the pack. I rescued him as a 5-month-old puppy from Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Donnie is a 10-year-old Collie Springer cross and he loves fetching me the socks and hair bands he finds lying around. He also loves running with the bike in a sport called bikejor.  He gets very excited when he sees the bike come out and I don’t think he’ll be retiring from the sport any time soon. I rescued him as a 6-month-old pup from Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Yogi is a 4-year-old Husky crossed with Greyhound and Saluki, and he loves sleeping on the bed or sofa as the floor or a dog bed is not good enough for him! He is my main canicross dog and we’ve trained and raced up to half marathon distance, and are looking forward to getting out again when it cools down. I rescued him as a 3-month-old puppy from 8 Below Husky Rescue.

Delta is a 2-year-old Collie Spaniel cross and she loves to run everywhere, all the time. She never sits still for long unless she’s fast asleep. She comes running with me canicrossing but I’m not fast enough for her, so she runs back and forward on the bungee line! Delta joined our pack as a 4-month-old pup from Ainmihithe Animal Rescue in Ireland.

Where PitPat fits in

I love the PitPat activity monitor because it’s neat and fits snugly on their collars. I was impressed that it wasn’t bulky or likely to bother them on the collar, plus it’s waterproof which is very important. 

I loved how easy it was to connect the units to the app for each dog and set up each dog’s profile. 

PitPat lends a helping hand

I also love seeing their rest, their pottering, and the distance covered throughout the day. I was surprised by how many miles each dog did and also by how much they mooch around and how much this added to the daily distance.

The most surprising thing I discovered was how much activity Judo does in a day as he is the oldest, and how much Yogi, being in the prime of his life, rests! 

Would you recommend PitPat?

I would absolutely recommend PitPat to anyone with a dog, and actually, three of my friends have already bought their dogs a PitPat activity monitor based on my social media posts explaining what my dogs have been up to on a daily basis.

I will be recommending them to my customers also, as I think it’s a great way to get across to people how much exercise and activity a dog will need in a day.

I am really pleased we had the chance to use PitPat. It has now become a daily ritual that when we go to bed we check in on all the dogs and see what they did during the day.

Many thanks

Emily, Judo, Donnie, Yogi, and Delta

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