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Case study: Living in an apartment with a dog

Hi PitPat, my name is Lori. My job as a Marketing Manager as well as being a Ph.D. candidate, and a K9 Nation ambassador keeps me pretty busy, but I always have time for my 4-year-old Shih Tzu & Pomeranian mix, Princess Buttercup. 

I love Princess Buttercup because she’s sweet and friendly to everyone, apart from squirrels. She was a great support in the pandemic and is the best friend that anyone could have. She LOVES walkies. We live in a flat but she spends at least 2 hours outside every day. She also enjoys car rides and going to new places like parks, dog festivals, and the pub.

What did you think of the PitPat? 

I really like PitPat. I had suspected that Buttercup got a large amount of activity every day, but this confirmed that she always goes over her 70-minute activity goal. I found it really insightful to see how much exercise she was getting, especially on the days that she is at doggy daycare.

The feature that most surprised me is the ability to look at when she is active throughout the day. I was also quite surprised at the amount of time she spends pottering around, but when I think about it I really shouldn’t be. She’s a very observant dog who enjoys watching and sniffing. I really like being able to see the minutes she has been active including the specific types of activities, and also the distance that she has walked or run.

I find the activity tracking to be the most useful feature. I love that I can click on any given day and see her stats for each activity, and the estimated calorie burn.

Would you recommend PitPat?

I would recommend PitPat to anyone who is concerned about the amount of activity that their dog is getting on a daily basis. This device really helps to understand how much walking, running, and playing that my dog is doing. 

Our partner K9 Nation

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