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Video Vet Perk Terms

December 2021

We have partnered with a provider of video vet services (our Video Vet Partner) to offer a video vet Perk to owners of dogs who are PitPat LIFE members as an inclusive Benefit of their membership.

Our Video Vet Partner is Onlinevet 247 UK Ltd trading as FirstVet. You can find out more about FirstVet here.

The following terms apply to the use of this Perk by owners of member dogs, and are in addition to our General Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, PitPat LIFE Membership Terms, any applicable additional terms and any terms applied by our Video Vet Partner.


If you are the “qualifying owner” of a dog that is a member of PitPat LIFE, you can claim up to THREE free video consultations for that dog with our current Video Vet Partner in any rolling period of 12 calendar months (the Allowance).

You are the qualifying owner of such a dog if:

If you do not do these things then you are not the qualifying owner, even if the dog itself is a PitPat LIFE member. You should instead ask that dog’s qualifying owner (if any) to access this Perk.

We will assess the Allowance based on the dates for which consultations are booked. If you book a consultation but then miss it without cancelling, it may still use up the Allowance.

There is a separate Allowance for each PitPat LIFE member dog. Allowances may not be shared between member dogs (even of the same payer), nor with dogs (or other pets) who are not members of PitPat LIFE (even if owned by the same payer). The Allowance may not be “carried over” from one period to the next, nor may additional Allowance be “borrowed” from a future period.

The Allowance applies only in respect of services provided by our Video Vet Partner (as indicated here and/or on our website and elsewhere) and is not offered or applicable in respect of any other provider or service.

Outside this Allowance and Perk, you are free to book and use the service provided by our Video Vet Partner (or any other provider) on that partner’s normal pricing basis for dog-owners as if your dog was not a member of PitPat LIFE. Any such paid consultations will not use up your dog’s Allowance under these terms.


To be eligible for a free consultation:

If you meet all these requirements, your booking will be free and will count towards the Allowance.

No refunds

You must ensure at the time of booking that the booking you make is free, and that you are not charged and do not pay for the consultation. We are not responsible for any bookings made by you that incur a charge.

We will not under any circumstances provide refunds for any charges incurred by you, whether or not they are for consultations that would otherwise have fallen within your dog’s allowance in respect of this Perk had they been properly booked.


We do not guarantee the availability of the service offered by our Video Vet Partner at any particular time or with any particular urgency (whether or not a successful booking has been made). Neither do we accept any responsibility for the consequences (whatever they may be) of any failure of those services to be available (whether free or otherwise), or of a failure of the services to be performed in any particular way.

Consultations actually provided free-of-charge to you under this arrangement will in all respects other than payment be identical to a paid consultation made with the Video Vet Partner, and all liabilities and responsibilities for the service you receive lie with the Video Vet Partner.

Your conduct

We reserve the right immediately to cancel without refund the PitPat LIFE membership of any dog whose owner we believe at our absolute discretion has attempted to mis-use this Perk or to use it in a fraudulent way. We further reserve the right to refuse membership (including future membership) to any other dog owned or co-owned by a PitPat user to whom this term has been applied.

We have authorised our Video Vet Partner to refuse or immediately discontinue any free consultation in respect of a dog they reasonably believe is not a dog that should rightfully have access to this Perk, or is not the dog in whose identity the consultation was booked.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.

This Perk can be varied or withdrawn by us at any time, in which case the relevant terms of our General Terms of Use and our PitPat LIFE Membership Terms will apply.