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FAQs about PitPat GPS

Much like your mobile phone, the battery life on your device depends on how much it is being used, so it’s hard to give a precise figure.

With normal use, most people will have a battery life of weeks instead of days, thanks to our clever tech designed to reduce power consumption.

PitPat GPS uses a lithium rechargeable battery. It’s just like the one in your phone, but smaller. To help make PitPat GPS dog tough and 100% waterproof, the battery is sealed in and can’t be removed or replaced. There are more details about the batteries in all our products on

Yes, and it’s easy too, thanks to wireless charging.

When the PitPat app tells you your battery is getting low, simply pop your device on the wireless charger that comes in the box. When all four paw pads are lit up, it’s fully charged!

Don’t forget to keep your dog’s PitPat well out of their reach whilst it’s charging, and make sure you pop it back securely onto their collar when it’s done.


Almost certainly “yes” but in some cases “it depends”…

PitPat GPS calculates your dog’s location by listening to satellite signals that are detectable out-of-doors anywhere in the world (the G in GPS is Global). Provided your dog is not indoors or under very dense cover, their PitPat should be able to receive the satellite signals and work out your dog’s location from them. It’s just like navigating by the stars, but with satellites. So far, so good.

THEN, PitPat needs to transmit the location information back to us at PitPat HQ, so that we can send it via the internet to your phone and you can see your dog on the map in our app. To do that, your PitPat uses new mobile technologies called LTE-M and NB-IoT. These special networks are run by O2 and Vodafone, and your PitPat can use either of them automatically, depending on which signal is better at the time.

Both these networks have good coverage across the whole country, but just like your phone’s network, there can be small areas of poor signal where your PitPat may struggle to send information to us. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you in advance where those areas might be, because O2 and Vodafone are improving their networks all the time.

Don’t forget that if PitPat GPS doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund anytime up to 21 days. We’ll even send you a pre-paid envelope so it won’t cost you a thing!

With your permission, yes.

We know dogs often have more than one parent! The PitPat app lets you “share” your dog with other people in your family, letting them see and do on their phones exactly the same things that you can see and do on yours. So for example, if your dog gets lost, the whole family can track them on a map. Anyone you share your dog with can also see their activity, the badges they’ve won, and everything else about them.

On the other hand, we take your privacy very seriously. Unless you give explicit permission for your dog’s information to be shared with others, no-one else can ever see where they are or anything else about them.

The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker weighs just 30g and measures 60mm x 34mm x 18mm in size.

That’s small and light enough that most dogs won’t even notice it.

No. The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker is completely subscription-free, and there are no hidden fees either.

Once you’ve bought your PitPat GPS, there is nothing more to pay to be able to find your dog whenever you need to.

If you decide to, you can join our exclusive club PitPat LIFE, to access VIP rewards and unlock certain features in the app, but this is completely optional.

No! You don’t need to buy any sim cards or pay any additional subscriptions or fees to use PitPat GPS.

Just pay the one upfront fee for the device and you’re good to go!

PitPat GPS uses the UK mobile phone network (at no charge to you) rather than short-range wireless like Bluetooth. That means that as long as your dog is within a mobile coverage area anywhere in the mainland United Kingdom and your phone has a connection to the internet anywhere in the world (either 4G or WiFi), you can be as far away from your dog as you like (100s of miles even) and still track them live on a map.

Completely! PitPat GPS is designed to IP67 specifications, which means that you do not need to take it off when your dog goes swimming – even diving into the sea or hydrotherapy.

Yes! Once you ask the app to ‘Find my dog now’ in the location tab, you’ll be able to track your dog’s location live with updates every 10 seconds.

For now, PitPat GPS doesn’t let you keep a record of where your dog’s been, but you can monitor exactly how much exercise they are getting thanks to award-winning activity monitoring.

Yes! Switching is easy.

Just tap on your dog’s picture to go to their profile and choose the option to ‘Replace attached PitPat’.

Once you’ve completed those steps you can remove your dog’s old PitPat and their new PitPat GPS will pick up where they left off.

Yes! In fact, we’ve made it a bit better.

Now, not only can you track all your dog’s activity by type, you’ll get data down to the minute, rather than every five minutes, so it’s much more precise.

Plus you don’t need to press the paw to fetch data with a PitPat GPS. Your dog’s data will automatically upload every ten minutes or so, so you can check how they’re doing throughout the day, even when you aren’t with them.

Right now PitPat GPS is only available in mainland UK, but we’ll be rolling out internationally in the future.

We love our feline friends, but we are a canine company and PitPat GPS has been designed specifically for dogs.

If you joined our waiting list for PitPat GPS before the end of October 2022, and you’re based in mainland UK, you should have received your invitation to purchase a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker with your early bird discount.

You may not have received your invitation if you have previously unsubscribed from communications from PitPat or if you entered your details incorrectly. Get in touch with us to find out if you’re still entitled to an early bird discount.

If you’re based outside of mainland UK, you’ll receive an invitation to buy your PitPat GPS with your early bird discount once we have launched in your country.