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How much exercise does my Border Terrier need?

The brilliant Border Terrier was originally bred to assist in foxhunts by helping to drive foxes out of their dens.  These days these sweet-natured pups may not be chasing foxes, but they’re just as happy getting out and about with their humans and exploring the world around them.  

But how much exercise does a Border Terrier actually need?

How much exercise should I give my Border Terrier?

Every dog is different, and the amount of exercise they need will depend on their health, age, size and fitness levels.  When it comes to Border Terriers, it’s important to remember that without enough exercise they are prone to weight gain.  They’re also likely to become bored which can result in destructive behaviour.

To get an idea of what is right for your Border Terrier, why not download the PitPat app?  Simply enter their details and you’ll get an exercise goal that is tailored to their age and weight.  For most healthy adult Border Terriers this will be around 60 minutes per day.

What types of exercise are best for Border Terriers?

Border Terriers are intelligent and playful little pups with a lot of energy.  This means they need plenty of activity in their day which should stimulate them both physically and mentally.  

As well as taking them for walks, try and incorporate some purposeful play such as tug-of-war, fetch or frisbee.  This type of activity is more intensive, so it can be done in short bursts and will still be great exercise for your dog.

Combine this with enrichment games like puzzle toys, scent games or even simple hide and seek, and you’ll be well on your way to helping your Border Terrier be happy and healthy.

While it may seem tricky to know how to get the balance of these different types of exercise right, don’t worry – PitPat is here to help.  As well as monitoring all your dog’s activity, PitPat can differentiate between the type of activity, including walking, running and playing; giving you a clear picture of all the movement in your dog’s day.

How often should I walk my Border Terrier?

We all know how much dogs love walkies and Border Terriers really love them.  They will happily go for as long and far as your time allows, and getting outside daily is a must.  As with most dogs two walks per day is ideal, and much more beneficial than saving all your walking for the weekend.

How much exercise does a Border Terrier puppy need?

It won’t surprise you to learn that the needs of a Border Terrier puppy are quite different to that of an adult.  While they may still have lots of energy it’s really important not to over-exercise them, as while they’re still growing this can cause harm to their joints as they develop.

Instead focus their energy on playing with puppy appropriate toys, and perhaps find another pup to have a playdate with.  As well as keeping them healthy this is a great way to help them to develop their social skills too.

As they get older you can start to introduce short walks, keeping them on a lead to begin with, gradually increasing the time and distance.  The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker and PitPat Dog Activity Monitor can help here too, as they show you exactly what they have been up to so you can adjust their walks or playtime as needed each day. And the PitPat Dog GPS Tracker has the added bonus of helping you find your pup if they wander a little too far – perfect for those walks where you’re practising their recall.

While a Border Terrier’s exercise needs will change as they come to different stages in their life, some form of exercise will always be needed to help keep them happy and healthy.  That’s why PitPat is designed to help you every step of the way; with exercise goals, weight management and activity monitoring all packaged up in a lightweight device for them, and an easy to use app for you.

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