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PitPat for food manufacturers

Caring dog owners know that the choice of food for their dog is one of the most important decisions they can make. After all, dogs can’t make the choice themselves and let’s face it, if they could (like us), they might not always make the wisest choice!

So many choices.

Good food manufacturers know this too, and are committed to helping their customers make the right choice, and to maintaining that choice throughout the (hopefully long and healthy) lifetime of their pet. That choice might be dry food or wet, cooked or raw, or a more specialised diet based on life stage, on weight loss, or some other important motivation. Whatever it is, this choice is an important one, and one that’s very individual to the dog and its owner. PitPat and PitPat Life can help food manufacturers to increase your engagement with pet owners, to encourage better consideration of your product and to incent and reward its on-going use. We’ve worked previously with food manufacturers to do just this, and we encourage you to get in touch to explore how we could work together to achieve your strategic goals.

Food AND exercise.

These two factors — perhaps more than any others — are linked in the health of a dog. This makes PitPat the perfect complement to a healthy diet, helping dog owners to get the maximum benefit from the food they choose, and to clearly see the difference that a good diet makes to their pet’s vitality. Especially in the case of weight management, there is strong evidence that PitPat can help deliver dramatically enhanced compliance, making sure that the careful choice of food (perhaps even recommended or prescribed by their vet), really does deliver great results.

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