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Top 5 apps for your dog

We all have apps to help us manage our lives – from shopping to socialising, dating to drawing – if you need to do something, there’s probably an app for that.

But what about your dog? Sure, they might struggle to use the apps themselves, but there are plenty to help you organise their lives, helping them become happier and healthier dogs.

With that in mind, here are our top 5 dog apps!

PitPat – The best app for keeping your dog happy and healthy

PitPat app screenshots

Is it bold to start a list with your own app? Maybe. Do we think it’s one of the best tools out there for helping your dog get healthy? Definitely. 

The PitPat App is a window into your dog’s life. When used with the PitPat dog activity monitor, you can find out what your dog is doing, when they’re doing it and how they’re doing against their goals. See how much time your pup has spent running, walking, playing, pottering and resting, and keep track of their progress over time.

Even if you haven’t got yourself a PitPat device yet, you can download the app for free to start monitoring your dog’s weight and get an exercise goal tailored to them. 

It’s designed with dog owners in mind – so you’ll find useful features like being able to have multiple dog profiles, and sharing ownership of the dog, so the whole family can keep track of your pup’s progress.

Download it for free today!

Puppr – The best app for teaching your dog new tricks

Puppr app screenshot
Puppr app screenshot

Puppr is an app to help you train your dog to do all sorts, from fun tricks like ‘cross paws’, to useful commands like ‘put toys away’. They use the clicker training method and the app even has one built in for you to use!

All the tricks have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and videos, as well as tips on what not to do. You can select tricks based on their type, difficulty levels and suitability for puppies, and you’ll achieve badges as you progress.

It’s free to get started and you’ll get a selection of tricks to start you off, and you can buy extra ones at a small additional cost.

Pets at Home VIP Club – The best app for discounts on dog products

Pets at Home app screenshot
Pets at home app screenshot

Pets at Home are one of the biggest pet supermarkets in the UK, and their VIP (Very Important Pet) club has great discounts for pet owners. 

In the app, you can find your VIP account details, special discounts, competitions, links to their online shop and much more. You can even select a pet friendly charity which Pets at Home will donate to every time you swipe your VIP card.

Rover – The best app for dog walking and boarding

Rover dog boarding app screenshot
Rover dog boarding app screenshot

Rover is a nifty app that connects dog owners to dog walkers and sitters. You just pop in your postcode and get matched with dog professionals near you. All the walkers and sitters have been approved by the Rover team, and come with the Rover guarantee for your peace of mind.

Once you’ve booked a service you can get photos and updates from your sitter, GPS maps of the dog walks, and a secure way to book and pay for services.

FirstVet – The best app for speaking to a vet quickly

FirstVet app
FirstVet app

Sometimes you just need to speak to a vet quickly and that’s where First Vet comes in. With First Vet you can have a video consultation with an experienced, UK registered vet within minutes of submitting your request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The First Vet professionals can give an independent diagnosis, refer you to a local clinic, or just put your mind at rest. Consultations cost between £24-36 depending on the day and time of your call, with a growing number of UK insurers covering the cost – check out their website to see if your insurance covers First Vet consultations.

With all these fantastic apps, keeping your dog happy and healthy has never been so easy! Why not begin by downloading the PitPat app for free or even purchasing a PitPat dog activity monitor to keep track of your dog’s daily exercise? Get yours today for just £39.

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