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Does my dog love me?

If you have a dog you’ve probably noticed how the love you have for them takes up a big place in your heart. But have you ever wondered if your dog feels the same way? 

Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore. Dogs express their emotions in lots of different ways, so if you’ve ever noticed your dog doing these things, you can answer this question with a big yes!

They get excited when they see you

If you’ve had to go to work, or simply run an errand, and weren’t able to take your dog with you, you may notice that when you get back your dog comes running to the door, can’t wait to cover you with kisses and their tail won’t stop wagging. These are all signs of happiness, and a pretty clear indicator that your dog has missed you, and their hearts are full now you’re back by their side.

They seek physical contact

Whether it’s a nose nuzzling your hand, a cuddle on the sofa, or simply curling up at your feet, these types of behaviours show that your dog wants to be close to you and is actively choosing you. This show of affection also means that your dog feels safe, secure and comfortable with you too.

Man and woman sat on sofa with a dog

They can’t get enough of your smelly socks

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have a great sense of smell, so it might surprise you when you notice them snuffling around for your dirty socks, shoes, or other similarly smelly items. But the truth is that these items smell like you, and it’s this scent that is attracting your dog to them. Now if that’s not a sign of love, what is?

They like to check on you

Your dog might be like your little shadow following you around the house, even wanting to go into the bathroom with you. Or they may occasionally appear in the room you’re in before walking out again. Either way, they’re checking up on you to make sure you’re okay, and that nothing bad has happened to you between making that cup of tea and having a seat on the sofa. Just another way they’re showing they care.

Vizsla sitting with paw up in pink collar

They bring you their favourite toy

You might think that when your pup brings you their favourite toy they’re just looking for playtime. But actually, the fact that they’re trusting you with their most prized possession and want to share it with you, is a sure sign of love.

They make eye contact with you

Holding eye contact can be a really big thing for some dogs, as it can be used as a way to intimidate or make a challenge. But if your dog is holding eye contact with you with soft relaxed eyes, you can be sure that they’re letting you know just how much they love and trust you.

Now you know your dog loves you, it’s time for you to show them how much you love them back by getting your paws on a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. This little device shows you how much walking, running and playing your dog does all day, and gives you an exercise goal that is tailored to them. All you need to add is the love part.

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