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How much exercise does a Yorkshire Terrier need

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed that are pawfect for city living. These guys are a very playful and energetic bunch, so they’ll need plenty of attention throughout the day. They have the tendency to be quite sensitive and are not a fan of being on their own. So if you work from home and are looking to become a pet parent for the first time, it’s worth having a look at these little rascals.

How much exercise does an adult Yorkshire Terrier need? 

Although Yorkshire Terriers come from the Toy family, they need a lot of exercise for a dog of that size. Around 45 minutes of proper daily exercise will keep your furry friend stimulated physically and mentally. Whether you decide to do this through games, walks, or both is up to you. 

Not sure how much exercise your dog is getting? The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker can tell you exactly how much walking, running, playing, pottering, and even resting they’ve done each day. And along with an exercise goal tailored to your dog, you’ll also be able to find them quickly and easily when they go dashing into the bushes after that tennis ball.

How much exercise does a Yorkshire Terrier puppy need? 

Exercising any puppy the right amount is extremely important. Not enough exercise can mean your pup won’t be mentally stimulated enough and you may find that your slippers develop mysterious new holes, too much and it could lead to joint and muscle issues in their later years.

The rule of 5 minutes of exercise per month of age of your pup only goes so far, and it can be seen as inaccurate, as no dog is the same, even when comparing two dogs of the same breed. But where does that leave you?

You can download our app today and get your very own tailored exercise goal. We take into account your dog’s age, sex, weight, and whether they’ve been neutered or not, to formulate it for you. And It’s all free! 

How much exercise does a senior Yorkshire Terrier need? 

Dogs can become seniors as early as 8-years-old. It’s around this time that you may need to think of reducing the amount of exercise your pooch does. This is because as they get older, your dog is more likely to have muscle and joint issues from over-exercising.

As always, PitPat is with you every step of the way. As your dog gets older, we’ll adapt their exercise goal so you know they’re getting everything they need at this point in their life. 

Best types of exercise for a Yorkshire Terrier

Hide & Seek. To play this game, all you’ll need is one of their favourite toys. Simply hide it somewhere in a room and then bring your pup into the room, and watch their noses go into overdrive. You may need to encourage them by saying “find it” in an excitable voice from time to time. 

Tug-of-War. Whether it’s a toy, a dog-friendly rope, or your favourite piece of clothing, your dog will enjoy a game of Tug-of-War. It’s worth mentioning that if you do take part in this activity, make sure you buy toys specifically made for this game, as this game can be harmful to their teeth.

Fetch. This is great as it includes lots of energy, teaches them to retrieve, and helps them learn commands such as “drop” and “return”. You may need to adapt the game slightly to accommodate for their size. Rolling a ball across the hallway at home instead of halfway across a field is one way you can do this, and you may also need to invest in a smaller-sized tennis ball so your Yorkshire Terrier is able to put it in their mouth. 

Can’t remember how long you’ve played with your dog today? Get a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor and we’ll tell you exactly how much, along with all their running, walking, resting and even pottering. There’s no more guesswork with PitPat, and with a PitPat GPS you don’t even need to guess where your pup is hiding. 

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