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How much exercise does a Patterdale Terrier need?

Patterdale Terriers are a very intelligent and playful breed. They also have a strong tolerance to cold and hot weather so will be happy going on adventures if it’s raining or the sun is shining. Their intelligence can sometimes get the best of them though. If they don’t get enough mental stimulation in a day, it can make them ever so slightly cheeky. 

Patterdale Terriers are also a demanding breed and need constant attention. This makes them great for families with children and other dogs, but they could be quite challenging for first-time owners.

How much exercise does an adult Patterdale Terrier need? 

These Terriers will need around 60 minutes of daily exercise. As they need plenty of mental stimulation, it’s good to keep them on their toes. Playing games with your dog still counts as exercise and is a good way to get them activating those brain muscles, and this should be incorporated into their routine as well as walks.

Keeping count of all the exercise your pooch has done in a day can be difficult. That’s where the PitPat Dog GPS Tracker comes in. Not only can it tell you your dog’s location and how much walking, running, playing, and pottering your furry friend has done in a day, but it’ll also give you a tailored exercise goal because let’s face it, no dogs are the same. 

How much exercise does a Patterdale Terrier puppy need?

It may not be until you arrive back home for the first time with your new pup that you start thinking, “how much exercise should I be giving my puppy?” 

Most research will tell you that 5 minutes for every month of their age is enough. But how can that be accurate when puppies come in all different shapes and sizes? Enter PitPat.

Download our free app today and we’ll tell you exactly how much exercise your new friend should be getting. 

How much exercise does a senior Patterdale Terrier need? 

By the time your dog is a senior, you’ll probably know their routine and characteristics like the back of your hand. But it’s around the 8-year mark that you’ll have to start keeping a closer eye on their activity. 

Like people, the amount of exercise your pooch is able to do will decrease over time, but how much by is hard to pinpoint. Some dogs love their walks and aren’t great at noticing when to stop. While others can’t wait to be back on their favourite chair and have a snooze. 

It’s important your dog gets the right amount of exercise. Over-exercising at this age means your pup is more prone to muscle and joint issues. Under-exercising can mean they become overweight, which will also open up the risk to health issues in their later years. 

But don’t fear, that’s why PitPat is here to help. For just £149 you can get yourself a PitPat GPS, and never have to guess how much exercise they need, or how much they’re getting. It works alongside our free app to make pawrenting a senior dog that little bit easier, and there’s no subscription or hidden costs either.

How to keep a Patterdale Terrier busy

Originally, these dogs were bred for hunting, but as generations have passed they’ve turned into family-friendly pups. However, they still require a lot more mental stimulation than other breeds, so here are some ways you can help them get what they need, with a bit of fun thrown in too.  

Agility courses. Jumping over hurdles and running through tunnels is a great game to play with your Patterdale Terrier. Not only is it a good form of exercise for them, but it also teaches them new commands. This means they’ll have to be flexing those brain muscles as well as getting the exercise they need.

Scent-work. This is a great one you can do from the comfort of your home, and all you need is a bag of treats. Take your pup out of the room and scatter some treats around it. Once you’re ready, let your dog back into the room and watch as they use that powerful nose of theirs to find the treats.

Treat-release toys. These toys are particularly helpful as it requires minimal work on your behalf. There are also lots of different ones for you to try, so once your dog has cottoned on to how it works, you can introduce them to a new one.

Whatever type of exercise your dog does, PitPat can tell you exactly how much they’ve done in a day. Whether you choose the PitPat GPS or the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, you’ll never have to guess again. We got you.

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