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How much exercise does a Cavapoo need?

Cavapoos are delightful crossbreed dogs that have soared in popularity thanks to their sociable and happy temperament. They’re energetic and intelligent like their parents, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, and they’re an excellent option for first-time owners.

When it comes to exercise Cavapoos have modest needs, but don’t forget you’ll need to keep their brains working just as hard to stop them from causing chaos at home.

How much exercise does a Cavapoo need?

A healthy adult Cavapoo needs at least 40 minutes of exercise per day. This could be split across a couple of walks but could also include playtime and dog sports.

The amount of exercise your individual Cavapoo needs could be slightly different depending on their health, temperament, and weight. After all, while some dogs just love to chase balls all day, others are content to lounge around on the sofa.

To find out how much exercise your Cavapoo needs and how much they’re actually getting, use a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. We’ll give you an exercise goal that is completely tailored to them, and you can see whether they’re getting enough throughout the day. 

How much exercise does a Cavapoo puppy need?

Cavapoo puppies can be seriously high-energy. We’re talking light warp speed zoomies followed by out-for-the-count naps in 20-minute cycles.

It can be really tempting to go on an extra-long walk to tire them out so you get a few hours of unbroken peace. But in the long term, overexercising them as a puppy could damage their joints and mobility. 

That’s why it’s worth tracking their activity levels with a PitPat and keeping their walkies short and sweet.

But how on earth are you going to use up all of that energy?

Mental stimulation. Working your Cavapoo’s brain is far more tiring than any physical activity. Give them food-based puzzles, learn new tricks together or give them a calming chew. The options are endless. Why not ditch their food bowl altogether and use their daily food allowance to keep them busy throughout the day? PitPat Puppy Food is perfect for this, and we’ve even included an idea for using the box it comes in.

How much exercise does a senior Cavapoo need?

As your Cavapoo gets older, the amount of exercise they need and want goes down. It’s entirely normal and usually nothing to worry about. But how do you know if you’re getting the balance right for them?

Here’s where PitPat comes in. By tracking their activity, you’ll know what their norm is, and you’ll be able to easily spot if they start slowing down. We’ll even reduce their activity goal as they get older.

Do Cavapoos make good running partners?

Cavapoos are energetic pups who can make great running partners if they are fully grown and healthy.

If you want to start running with your Cavapoo, begin with a short run together and build up their fitness gradually. Don’t push them too hard, and make sure you know the signs that they are getting worn out – after all, their little legs are moving at double pace!

Whatever adventures you’re heading out on with your furry companion, make sure PitPat comes with you. You’ll be able to track every minute of playing, walking, running, resting and pottering around, so you know that they’re getting the pawfect amount of exercise.

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