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Is my dog overweight?

Get them in tip-top shape with PitPat.

pitpat body condition score screenshot

How to tell if your dog is overweight.

Is your pup looking ‘extra fluffy’?

PitPat is here to help.

Download our free app to carry out a body condition score (just like the one your vet would use), set their ideal weight and track their weight over time.

Then, if they do have to trim down, get your paws on the PitPat Weight Loss Pack for everything you need to get them back into shape.

Everything your dog needs to lose weight. We got you.


Get started by regularly recording your dog’s weight in the PitPat App. If they need to trim down, set an ideal weight and we’ll adjust their feeding recommendation to help them get there.


Discover how much activity they’re really doing with their PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. We’ll set them an exercise goal based on their age and breed so all you need to do is get them moving!


Get a precisely tailored feeding recommendation for your dog that adjusts for their age, ideal weight, breed, activity levels and more. Then simply weigh out their PitPat Food in the PitPat Weighing Bowl and let them tuck in.

PitPat Weight Loss Starter Pack

PitPat Light Starter Pack

🐾 A PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to keep them fit and healthy.

🍗 A bag of our delicious and nutritious PitPat Light food.

📱 Our free app which tells you precisely how much to feed them.

⚖️ The PitPat Weighing Bowl to make it super-easy to weigh to correct portion.

😍 Two bags of our super-tasty, healthy treats for cheat days.

💸 £89 worth of PitPat products at a discounted price.