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PitPat Light Starter Pack

PitPat Light Starter Pack

🐾 A PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to keep them fit and healthy.

🍗 A bag of our delicious and nutritious PitPat Light food.

📱 Our free app which tells you precisely how much to feed them.

⚖️ The PitPat Weighing Bowl to make it super-easy to weigh to correct portion.

😍 Two bags of our super-tasty, healthy treats for cheat days.

💸 £94 worth of PitPat products at a discounted price.


Dog ownership done right.

It can be hard to help your dog shift those extra pounds, especially when they’re giving you those puppy dog eyes.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to make sure they’re getting everything they need when it comes to their activity, weight and feeding.

All you need to add is the love.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our world with the PitPat Light Starter Pack.

Dog wearing a PitPat being served food in weighing bowl


Keep track of your dog’s activity with a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. Get a tailored exercise recommendation and see how much time they spend running, walking, playing, pottering and resting.


Monitor your dog’s weight in the free PitPat App. And if they need to lose weight, just set an ideal weight and track their progress over time. We’ll even adjust their food recommendation to help them get there.


Get a precisely tailored feeding recommendation for your dog that adjusts for their age, weight, breed, activity levels and more. Then simply weigh out their PitPat Food in the PitPat Weighing Bowl and let them tuck in.