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When will my Labrador calm down?

At what age will my Labrador calm down?

Labradors are wonderful dogs with happy and loving personalities. They also have lots of energy, and while this is great for walkies or playtime, sometimes it can make taking care of them harder than you might think. 

So whether you’ve just got a new puppy or your Lab is heading into that teenage stage and you’re wondering if they’ll ever calm down, we’re here to give you a helping paw.

How can I calm down my Labrador?

The good news is that even though you may have a bouncy pup there are lots of ways to engage with them and help them to focus that delightful energy.

Give them the right amount of physical exercise. This may sound obvious, but getting the exercise balance right for your dog can be a big help. If you’re not sure what the right amount is, PitPat is here to help. By using a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor and the PitPat app, you can get an exercise goal tailored to your dog, and you’ll be able see exactly how much physical activity they’re getting each day.

Mental enrichment. There are so many options when it comes to adding some enrichment into your dog’s day, such as puzzle feeders, games like hide and seek, or even just straight forward play. Try a few different things to discover what your dog likes best, and by getting their brains to work you’ll soon notice that you dog is calmer and happier.

Reward calm behaviour. It always feels great when we get praised for doing something well, and this is no different for our dogs. So keep some treats nearby and make sure that any calm behaviour, like lying down in their bed, is rewarded. This type of positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage this behaviour to occur on a more regular basis.

So next time your Labrador is driving you a little bit crazy, take a breath and give some of these things a try. And of course, don’t forget to keep track of all their activity and rest with a PitPat, so you can help them put their best paw forward.

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