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How much exercise does a Pug need?

Pugs are playful and affectionate dogs who love being by your side. Whether you’re their roommate or a complete stranger, they’ll jump at the chance for some belly rubs. This makes them pawfect for people with families. They’re also a low-maintenance breed, making them great for first-time owners.  

If you’re thinking about making a Pug part of your family then you do need to know that they’re a brachycephalic breed which means they can suffer from issues relating to their breathing, and can be prone to heart problems if over-exercised frequently. 

How much exercise does an adult Pug need? 

Their small size and nose problems mean that Pugs don’t require a lot of exercise. Roughly 30 minutes in their daily routine should do the trick.

There are many ways you can get your Pug to hit their exercise goals. As they’re not the biggest fans of walking, splitting walkies into two shorter walks could be an approach you want to take. And if you want to keep them mentally stimulated, swapping out a walk with some enrichment games can go a long way for them. 

For these guys it’s really important that they aren’t overstretched. But as owners, knowing exactly how much they need can be difficult. So why not try our PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or PitPat Dog Activity Monitor? Both our devices show you exactly how much exercise they’re getting each day, and as an added bonus our PitPat Dog GPS Tracker will help you find your dog if they ever get lost too.

How much exercise does a Pug puppy need? 

The typical rule of thumb is that 5 minutes of formal exercise for each month your pup has been in this world is enough for them. But with Pugs that doesn’t quite fit the bill. This is because over-exercising them can cause their health issues to worsen, and affect their hips and knees causing hip dysplasia further down the line. 

If you’ve got a little puppy Pug at home, why not download the free PitPat app and see how much exercise they should be getting at this point in their life. Our app will even adjust their exercise goal for them as they grow.

How much exercise does a senior Pug need? 

It may come as a surprise to people that dogs can become seniors as early as 8 years of age. Around this time you may notice your furry companion slowing down or having less interest in their games. If you do notice this, it’s probably time to shorten their exercise routine.

PitPat will adapt your dog’s exercise goal to their needs as they get older. This means you’ll always have the information you need so you can focus on making the most of their golden years.   

How can I keep my Pug busy? 

Command training. This keeps your dog busy and helps with mental stimulation and has the added benefit of helping your pup with their training. You can start with more simple commands such as sit, wait and look, and work your way up to the more difficult ones like heel, rollover, and paw. 

Toys. Whether there toys that make a noise or toys for tugging and chewing, they’re a great way to keep your little pup busy. Toys can be used in multiple ways and come in all shapes and sizes. From a dog-approved rope to play tug of war with, to a fluffy dinosaur for them to tear apart. You can guarantee there’s a toy to match your dog’s personality.

Treat-release toys. There are plenty of versions of these such as Kongs, Tornados, and Hide ’n’ Treats, which all involve your pup flexing those brain muscles in order to get a delicious treat. These are particularly good because it involves no work on your part. Just fill them up and let your dog do the rest.  

No matter what type of exercise your furry friend does, PitPat is the perfect way to keep track. Our app shows you how much running, walking, playing, pottering, and even resting they’ve done in a day. All you need is a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor and you’re ready to go.

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