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Welcome to your PitPat LIFE

Members’ Area

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  • We hope you won’t need it, but if your dog is in PitPat LIFE™ you have access to a 24×7 video vet to answer your questions day or night, often in as little as 15 minutes.

    1. Here’s how to get access:
    2. Download and install the Firstvet app on your phone. (You can go ahead and do that even if you don’t need a vet right now.)
    3. Register a user account and your dog with Firstvet. (The same.)
    4. When you make an appointment, and you’re asked who “insures” your dog, choose “PitPat”.

    *If your dog is in PitPat LIFE™, “PitPat” is the right answer for who “insures” your dog whether they have PitPat Insurance or not.

  • If your dog joins PitPat LIFE™ before the original warranty on their PitPat expires, we’ll extend the warranty indefinitely for as long as they remain a member. Please refer to our terms for precise details.

    To make a warranty claim, please contact us.

  • Subject to our terms, dogs in PitPat LIFE™ can get free replacement VELCRO® Brand Straps, and replaceable batteries. Please contact us to request yours.

  • If your dog is in PitPat LIFE™ they’ll earn Points for lots of healthy things they do in our app.

    *You can find out what things earn how many Points by visiting the LIFE™ tab and tapping “How do I earn Points?” on the membership card.

    When you’ve earned enough Points, you can visit the Prize Store to claim a Prize for you or your dog.

    *Unlike badges (where your dog will earn each one just once), your dog can earn Points every time they complete the necessary act. So, for example, they’ll get Points for completing a one-week goal streak every time they do that.

    Points & Prizes are subject to our


  • Exclusively for dogs using a GPS tracker.

    It’s as easy as pressing ‘Start a walk’ in your Location tab – when you end this walk, the route will be automatically saved to your dogs profile.

    Revisit favourite routes in a detailed map view and discover the secret tracks your dog finds themself roaming on their off-the-lead adventures.

  • See how your dog lines up in the Pack.

    Simply click on ‘The Pack’ tab at the bottom of your app to discover statistics about your dog and other pack members.

    Leaderboards app

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold!

    Over time, as your dog earns more points, they’ll advance along a series of tiers. Starting at bronze, they’ll progress to silver, on to gold, and for the really dedicated, there’s also a platinum tier for our most experienced, healthy and happy dogs. Where will your dog get to?

    • Up to 2999 lifetime earnings = Bronze Dog
    • 3000+ lifetime earnings = Silver Dog
    • 6000+ lifetime earnings = Gold Dog
    • 12,000+ lifetime earnings = Platinum Dog


  • You can cancel your dog’s PitPat LIFE™ membership easily, at any time.

    However, this will mean you lose the following:

    • Your earned Points and Tiers – you would start from scratch if you were to re-subscribe.
    • All saved walks
    • Access to Leaderboards and Pack-powered places
    • Use of all Rewards and Premium Features.
    • Extended Warranty/ Loss & Damage protection of your dog’s tracker.
  • Cancelling your dog’s membership of PitPat LIFE™ is easy and you can do it at any time (there is no minimum term).

    Depending on your phone, your subscription is collected either by Apple or Google. To cancel your subscription:

    iOS (Apple phones) – Settings > [tap on your name] > Subscriptions > PitPat > Cancel Subscription.

    Android (other phone makes) – Play Store > [tap on your name] > Payments and subscriptions > PitPat > Cancel subscription