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How much exercise does a Boxer need?

If you want a family-friendly, exercise-loving pooch then look no further than one of the nation’s favourite dogs, the Boxer. Their loyalty and affection mean you’ll never feel unloved by one of these guys. But they do need lots of high-energy exercises and mental stimulation so be ready to spend lots of time out and about. 

How much exercise does an adult Boxer need? 

A full-grown Boxer will need around 90 minutes of daily exercise. This is quite a long time to do in one walk so you may want to split it up into two walks of 45 minutes instead. Boxers love to run at full speed around fields, and proper exercise really helps work their brains, so it’s a good idea to start off-lead training as soon as you can. 

Don’t forget that playing at home with your dog also accounts for exercise so be sure to add this into their exercise time for the day. 

Not sure of the best way to keep track of what they’ve been up to? Time to get your paws on a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker. We’ll give you an exercise goal tailored to your dog, and you’ll be able to monitor all their activity 24/7. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to track their location too, giving you all the off-lead confidence you need.

boxer running across beach

How much exercise does a Boxer puppy need? 

Although even as a puppy they’re active dogs, 5 minutes a day of proper walkies can be enough exercise for Boxer puppies. Too much exercise at this stage could cause joint and bone issues in later life, which no one wants for their dog.

As they edge closer to adolescence the amount of exercise they need will increase. But by how much? With PitPat there’s no need to guess. Just download our free app and it will automatically adjust your pup’s goal as they grow.

How much exercise does a senior Boxer need? 

As we get older, the amount of exercise we do often reduces. So why would it be any different for your dog? 

You may notice your pup slowing down on walks, or even just being less active around the house. If this does happen, it might be time to think about how you can reduce their exercise. Reducing the number of walks you do in a day, or letting your dog set the pace are some ways that you can do this. But be warned, as Boxers are a high-energy breed they may not know what’s best for them and want to keep going, so it’s really important that you help them find the best balance.

boxers having a drink form a water bottle wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Best types of exercise for Boxers

Fetch – Boxers love a good game of fetch. It’s high energy and high intensity making it a pawfect activity for them. You and your Boxer may get a bit bored if on every walk you’re throwing a ball across a field. So why not mix it up sometimes and swap that ball for a frisbee?     

Agility training – Weaving in and out of cones, jumping over hurdles, and running through tunnels is a great type of dog training for mental stimulation, which these guys need plenty of.

To make sure you’re keeping them in tip-top shape, get a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to record exactly how much activity they’re doing. We’ll tell you how much time they’re spending walking, running, playing, pottering, and resting, as well as how many calories they’ve burnt and their distance covered. We’ll even tell you exactly how much PitPat Food they need. Sound good? Time to take the guesswork out of dog parenting and just focus on the love.

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