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The best GPS tracker for dogs 2024

Want to make sure you can find your dog, in case they run off? Then a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker is the perfect tool for you.

These nifty little devices mean you can find your dog, even when the unexpected happens. But with a few options on the market, how can you be sure that a PitPat is the best GPS tracker for your dog?

Find out what you need to check for when buying a dog GPS tracker to make sure you get a tracker that does exactly what you need it to (without any of the fluff!)

Does it use GPS?

There are a few different technologies used in dog trackers, but those with GPS are far superior to those which use Bluetooth or AirDrop when it comes to tracking your dog.

 AirDrop, the technology that powers AirTags, relies on other Apple devices in the immediate vicinity to fix a location – not particularly helpful unless you’ve lost your dog in a busy train station. Similarly, Bluetooth location trackers have a short range, meaning if your dog strays too far, you’ll no longer be able to get a location for them.

GPS works by communicating with satellites to provide a precise location of the tracker. This means it has unlimited range – you can be in a completely different part of the country and still see where your dog is. Equally, it can work effectively in rural areas, as long as the device and your phone have a mobile signal.

Is it waterproof?

Your dog’s tracker has got to withstand everything your dog puts it through, including surviving all those dives in the sea and rolls in muddy puddles. Even if your dog hates getting their paws wet, you’ll want to know that their tracker will still work if you ever get caught in the rain.

Many devices claim to be ‘water-resistant’ but in reality, these devices can only handle splashes of water and are likely to let liquid in if submerged.

PitPat GPS is completely waterproof, designed to IP67 standards. That means it could be dropped into a body of water up to a metre deep for half an hour and still come out working. That means you’ll still be able to find your dog even if they’ve headed to the nearest lake for a dunk.

Cockapoo walking into water wearing a PitPat GPS

Is it strong?

Dogs will be dogs, and that includes plenty of rough and tumble. Their GPS tracker needs to survive everything they put it through and stay on their collar. After all, it won’t be much use if it’s fallen off their collar into a hedge when they run off.

PitPat GPS is not only super strong (we’ve put it through it’s paces with some seriously tough tests), but it’s also secured to their collar using a parachute-grade VELCRO® strap that’ll stay in place through almost anything your dog can throw at it.

How big is it?

Size matters. Some dog GPS trackers are just too big. They become irritating for your dog and can even be hazardous as a result. 

PitPat GPS is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We’ve been able to cram a huge amount of clever tech into a tiny package, making it one of the smallest dog GPS trackers on the market. It weighs in at a feather-light 30g and measures just 60mm x 34mm x 18mm. 

In fact, our office dog Winnie, who is a West Highland Terrier on the small side, wears hers every day without any problems (and doesn’t it look great on her?!)

West Highland White Terrier wearing PitPat

Does it have good coverage?

Other GPS trackers are usually linked to a particular provider that they rely upon for their data. This means if the network provider has issues with signal, the GPS tracker won’t be able to pick up a location.

PitPat GPS trackers use not one but two providers, giving you superior coverage, meaning you can get a location far more often than those only using one.

Is there a subscription to pay?

Many dog GPS trackers have additional subscriptions to pay once you’ve purchased the device. This is to pay for the data you use when tracking your dog. And if you opt for a tracker with a subscription, you’ll have to pay that subscription every month for as long as you want to use the device. In fact, you have to pay for that even if you aren’t using the GPS functionality very often. 

The thing is, most dogs don’t run off regularly, so you shouldn’t need to use the GPS that often. That means you end up paying for something that you only need to use occasionally. 

That’s why we made PitPat GPS completely subscription-free, so you’re not tied into any contracts or payments – just get your tracker and get started! 

How long is the battery life?

Nobody needs yet another device to charge daily, or worse, a device that has run out of battery at the exact moment that you need it.

Of course, the amount of battery life you get on any dog GPS tracker depends heavily on how often you use it, but how the device is programmed to work can have a massive impact on battery life.

PitPat GPS has been developed to maximise battery life, especially when it’s not actively in use. This means it’s got some of the best battery life on the market when it comes to dog GPS trackers, so you can go longer between charges and never worry about running out of battery when you need it most.

Is it made and sold by a reputable company?

Head to and you’ll find plenty of adverts for GPS trackers at astonishingly low prices. Sadly though, many of these are poor quality or even imitation trackers with no warranties or customer support.

PitPat is the UK’s favourite dog monitor company – we’ve sold over 100,000 PitPat Dog Activity Monitors to dogs around the world, and our GPS trackers are already a hit with pet parents too. We’re based in Cambridge, where we design all our products and our app, with manufacturing in our wonderful factory in Northern Ireland. 

You’ll also find our super-friendly customer support team in Cambridge – real-life experts who care deeply about your dog and your experience with PitPat. You could even pop in and visit us if you’re in the area!

Does it look good on your dog’s collar?

Whether you’re looking for a colour to complement their fur or the pure dog park swag that only the orange PitPat paw can offer, PitPat GPS will look pawfect on their collar.

With five different colours to choose from, there’s one for every dog, from the city strutters to the forest ramblers. Why settle for anything less?

It’s official(ish)! The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker is the best dog GPS tracker of 2023. Get yours today for just £149 with no subscription needed.

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