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Keeping your pooch calm and happy on Bonfire night

A night that’s full of fireworks and fun for us can be some dogs’ worst nightmare. The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct. You, as their pawrent and friend, can help them through this tricky period. Here’s a few ideas to look after your pal and keep them safe…

Prepare a den for your dog. Do this a few days before bonfire night and give them praise when they relax there, so they come to view it as a safe retreat. Drape a sheet over a chair or table to replicate a den and fill it with their favourite toys; you can put some of your unwashed clothes in there, such as jumpers and jeans. The familiar smell of you can help to calm your dog. When bonfire night comes around, they will have a little safe space that they can go to.

Leave the TV or radio on. This provides background noise to mask the sounds of the fireworks. It’s a good idea to close the doors and curtains too.

Remain calm. Try not to over-reassure your pet and over-fuss them as this often inadvertently reinforces anxious behaviour.

Never punish your dog. This is a very stressful time for them, your pooch could even have a little accident. You should try to remain calm and clean things up and restrain from getting cross.

Make sure you’re dog is microchipped. The incidents of lost animals peak the morning after 5th November, with panicking animals running away from home and getting lost.

Have a treat ready. Whether it’s a big walk or a tasty snack, let them know that they’re still safe and loved!

You may see a spike in the activity of your pooch on your PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or PitPat Dog Activity Monitor as a response to the noise of fireworks if your dog gets anxious. Keep an eye out for this, as it could help to identify anxious behaviour in your pooch.

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