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PitPat in veterinary practice

PitPat was designed with vets, and is a great tool for both vets and veterinary nurses. If you’ve not yet experienced it, please contact us for a free sample. But we know how busy you are, so we’ve made it really easy for you to work with us. There are two main indications for PitPat: Weight and Exercise:

Weight management (FREE)

Your dog-owning customers can use our free PitPat app as part of any weight management regime or clinic process that you use or recommend. As a vet, you can work with the owner to set an ideal weight, walk through a body condition score, prescribe a weekly weight loss percentage, and then let our app take care of helping your customer to weigh and record their dog’s weight. They won’t forget what you recommend, and when you next see them they’ll have a full record of their progress to show you.

Exercise management (£39)

By upgrading to a PitPat Activity Monitor, your dog-owning customers can get all the benefits of our exercise management system including a personalised (customisable) goal recommendation, measurement of exercise type and intensity, and proven encouragement and incentives. Our exercise management system is ideal for ALL dogs (including puppies and new dog owners). It is also especially useful for post-operative care and rehabilitation.

Recommending PitPat

Recommending that a dog-owner downloads our app or buys PitPat from our web shop is the easy, no-cost way to get started. You don’t have to buy and hold stock, and there’s no complication. We even have a free poster that you can request from our web shop, and discount flyers that you can hand out to customers offering them a big discount from you (but funded by us).

Stocking PitPat

If you prefer, you can stock and sell PitPat direct from your practice. PitPat comes in a premium clear plastic case, and is easy to manage and supply. We have attractive wholesale discounts available from as few as five units. For access to our trade-only ordering page just email [email protected].

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