PitPat in Veterinary Practice

PitPat is a great tool for vets and veterinary nurses, and is proving very popular across the UK and beyond.

PitPat helps dog owners with two important aspects of dog care:


•  Our free app (iOS and Android) helps dog owners manage their dog’s weight.

•  Our low-cost activity monitor adds exercise management into the mix.


We’ve made it easy for you to help all dog owners to take advantage of PitPat.

Recommending PitPat to dog owners:


“Have you thought about using a free app to record your dog’s weight?”


“What about buying an activity monitor to track your dog’s exercise?”


Recommending that a dog owner buys their PitPat direct from our website is the easy, no-cost way to get started. You don’t have to buy and hold stock so there’s no complication. We even have a set of free tools that you can request from us to help you:


•  For weight management: “WEIGHT – Curious?” poster for waiting rooms, etc.

•  For exercise management: Moment Cards with a £5 discount to hand to a dog owner (makes a PitPat activity monitor just £34 including next-day-delivery!).


If you prefer, you can buy PitPat activity monitors direct from our website at a great wholesale price and in minimum quantities of just five up. For access to our trade-only ordering page please email [email protected]pet.com.


“We have PitPats available from reception if you’d like one?”


“Can I add a PitPat to your treatment plan?”

Whatever you decide, we’re confident that dog owners will soon start thanking you for introducing them to an engaging and effective way of improving their dog care.


And if you’d like to prove it to yourself, please contact us for a free PitPat activity monitor sample.