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B is for….

We’ve been busy Bs at PitPat HQ over the past few weeks:

B is for Beeb

PitPat was featured on BBC Click, which was broadcast around the globe!

CBBC’s puppet dog Hacker and tech presenter Lara Lewington put PitPat through its paces, along with several other pet gadgets. The sun was shining in the BBC garden and hopefully we didn’t tire out Hacker too much. They both gave PitPat the paws up!

B is for Bluetooth

Our best in breed technology won us the opportunity to present PitPat to the media at an exclusive Bluetooth event. We were in good company with many other fantastic products on display. We particularly loved See.Sense, a connected and intelligent bike light. It does much more than just keeping you visible, it also advises best routes, alerts people when you have an accident and much more! We also discovered it is manufactured in the same factory as PitPat in Northern Ireland -what are the chances?!? –

We also had great fun playing with The Wand – an intelligent connected controller for your life! With many great styles to chose from (Star Trek, Doctor Who), they are bound to be a –

B is for Bring you Dog to Work Day

One of our favourite hounds Muffin was recruited for the very special task of distracting us in the office last Friday for the annual event organised by Hownd. The day was a great success, trending at #5 on Twitter and featuring all over the national press. All Dogs Matter raised a large amount of well deserved sponsorship and many more people were alerted to the stellar work they do taking care of pooches in need all over the country.

Here’s Muffinator trying to force our team to play fetch, and looking very pleased with herself.

And finally, B is for Brunch

Well, it is the weekend and you know you and your pup pal deserve it.