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Support OR Save?

How it works.

Our latest campaign at PitPat offers you a unique opportunity to make a positive impact with your purchase of the PitPat Dog GPS Tracker. From June 3rd, when you buy our subscription-free GPS tracker, you have the power to choose: enjoy a £20 discount on the tracker or pay our regular price and we will donate £20 to Woodgreen Pets Charity on your behalf.

By choosing the discount option, you get the best value and benefit from our advanced real-time tracking and activity monitoring for your dog without any ongoing subscription fees. Alternatively, by opting to donate, you directly support Woodgreen Pets Charity, aiding their crucial work in animal welfare, including rehoming pets, providing specialist care, and supporting pet owners with essential services.

To choose the discount option, you should use the code ‘SAVE’ at the checkout. To choose the donation option, you should use the code ‘SUPPORT’ at the checkout.

Your decision to donate will have a profound impact on the local community by supporting Woodgreen’s community outreach teams. These teams provide essential advice and hands-on assistance to pet owners, helping to prevent medical and behavioural issues and ensuring that pets stay healthy and happy in their homes. With the funds raised, Woodgreen can integrate PitPat’s advanced dog activity monitors into their programs, allowing pet owners to track exercise levels, manage weight, and monitor health conditions. This proactive approach helps prevent future health complications, reduces costly vet bills, and ensures pets remain in optimal health. By supporting this initiative, you are contributing to a community where pets and their owners can thrive, fostering better pet care and education throughout the UK.