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Give the dog a phone – the pet-tech revolution

Hall 1, Stand 146

A lot has changed in the last 125 years, but what hasn’t changed is owners’ love for their dogs. At Crufts 2016, PitPat unleashes the latest advances in technology to keep your dog App’y.

Currently, wearable health and fitness devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone are just for humans. But now, Fido and the rest of the UK’s 9 million dogs can join in the fun too with PitPat, the activity monitor for dogs. Designed in Cambridge and manufactured in the UK, PitPat gives owners a fun and engaging way to ensure that their dog gets the exercise it needs by keeping track of its walking, running, playing and resting. PitPat attaches to any collar, and with its sleek, compact and lightweight design, it is set to be the go-to gadget for dogs of any size or breed. The device boasts best-in-breed technology with a year-long battery life and waterproof design, meaning it can stay attached and continue tracking all the time. Unlike other wearable technology products, there is no inconvenience or downtime for recharging.

Accompanying the PitPat device is a free iOS and Android app, which allows owners to keep an eye on their dog’s activity levels. The app compares the activity to a daily guideline based on its age, breed and weight and gives fun hints and tips on responsible dog ownership.

Speaking ahead of Crufts 2016, CEO Andrew Nowell said: “PitPat is a new and exciting way to bring you and your dog closer together, whilst encouraging exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Wearable technology has revolutionised how we keep fit and exercise, and now consumers are keen to use the same technology to help their pets stay happy and healthy.”

“With over half of dogs overweight in the UK, PitPat gives owners a fun and engaging way to keep their dog active. PitPat fuses technology with the joy and responsibility of pet ownership and we cannot wait to welcome everyone to the PitPat pack at Crufts 2016.”

Emily Blackwell, one of the UK’s leading canine behaviour and welfare experts, commented: “Pet-tech products are a really exciting new development for companion-animal welfare. For the first time, dog owners are able to gain an insight into what their pets are doing when they are apart.

“Not only is monitoring a dog’s activity great for tracking progress against health and fitness goals over time, but another benefit is being able to find out how a dog behaves when it is not with its owner, such as when it is in kennels or with a walker.”

PitPat re-tails at £39.99 and is available to purchase online at or at Hall 1, stand 146 at the show

For photography, product images, spokesperson interviews or for further information please contact Honoria Simpson ([email protected]) on +44 (0) 7929 838522

Notes to Editors:

The recommended retail price for the product is £39.99 and the app is free to download with no subscription. The PitPat app is compatible with iOS devices running version 7.0 or newer: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus. For Android devices compatibility requires Bluetooth 4.0 running version 4.4 or newer including: LG Nexus (4,5,6), Samsung Galaxy (S5,S6), HTC One and OnePlus One.

About Pitpatpet Ltd:

PitPat is focused on designing and manufacturing affordable products that augment traditional pet care with the latest technology.

The company was founded by a group of four entrepreneurs based in Cambridge with expertise in high volume product design and sensor technology. Based on their experience developing human wearable devices and other low-cost and simple-to-use consumer products, the group spotted an opportunity in the pet sector and formed the company to develop it.

Further information on PitPat is available at

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