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PitPat for insurers

We’re already working with some of the UK’s largest and most successful pet insurers, and we’ve built close relationships with new and innovative players in the same space. We work with insurers to help you deliver the things that dog-owners really want from their insurer, and which they really value receiving from you.

Healthy dogs

We share with pet insurers the fundamental desire to improve dog health and ultimately to deliver a “nation of healthy dogs”. PitPat and PitPat Life are outstandingly powerful and flexible complements to any pet insurance policy. Each is a great way to help support and encourage dog owners to look after their pet’s health. Perhaps surprisingly, PitPat and PitPat Life can also offer other important dog and dog-owner friendly benefits to insurers, and we encourage you to get in touch to find out about these and explore them with us. You’ll be surprised at the range and depth of opportunity here.

Happy owners

PitPat Life especially builds on our experience working in partnership with insurers. We’ve designed no-cost ways for you to offer it to your policyholders, and we’ve provided clever, low-cost ways to “make it your own” so as to deliver unique-to-you benefits within our standard platform. We’ve already done the hard work, we have a dedicated partnerships team, and we can help you to quickly start offering your customers what they asked us for — a system that helps them to look after their pet and that rewards them for being a great dog owner.

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